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I was sent a link this morning about a fundamentalist video game where you can either convert or kill Jews and atheists. This game is apparently over five years old and somehow I completely missed the fact that it existed.  It’s kind of like Grand Theft Auto for fundamentalists.

The game divided the Christian community into the “yes I’m totally OK with this” and the “what the fuck is wrong with  you” camps.   Not for long, of course, because how can you really take a game like that seriously?

It would appear the initial report, to which I linked above, that had the player killing “Jews and atheists” was based on early reports because the final version of the game allowed you to kill or convert “secularists” but not Jews.

The army of the antichrist also consisted mostly of UN peacekeeping forces and Rock and Roll guitar players.  The only thing missing is rainbow clad drag queens carrying around pamphlets pushing the gay agenda.

I’m not going to go into some righteous rant about how some fundamentalists think that it is completely OK to design a video game in which you kill “secularists” if you can’t convert them.  I mean, yes, that bugs me.  But it doesn’t really work me into a froth because I find myself completely baffled by the level of delusion one needs to believe in this sort of craziness.

Yes, I know it is a video game.  It is a game, however, made to be marketed to the armies of crazed fundamentalists who genuinely believe the rapture is going to happen any day. These are the same folks who genuinely believe that the UN is an evil entity that is doing the work of satan.

It isn’t that they don’t like the UN.  It is that they are of the opinion that the UN is a tool of the Devil.

It completely escapes them that if the Devil was going to pick a tool, he’d probably pick something that is – you know – more effective.

When one begins to look into things like insane Fundamentalist Christian video games, it turns out there are quite a few of them.

There are lots of insane games out there, though. There were Nazi board games so parents could help their Hitler youth practice rounding up the Jews.

The thing about these games is that they are all being marketed to people who think this stuff could really take place.  When I play Legend of Zelda, I’m well aware that there is no boomerang in existence that can pick up a bomb and deliver it into the mouth of my enemy with deadly accuracy.  I’m not so sure that the folks capping “secularists” for Jesus view their game as a fantasy.

I think they look at it more as  practice.

I mean, the game may not be all that unrealistic.  I mean, if the rapture actually did take place in my lifetime, you could probably convert me at that point.  At the very least, I’d “convert” so I could have some words with god about how much of an asshole I believe him to be.  At which point I would, undoubtedly, be cast into the lake of fire.  It’d give me something to be smug about as I received the same punishment as Hitler and John Wayne Gacy.

I could also complain about the fact that “Afterlife,” a Sim City like game where you punished or rewarded souls based on their sins or virtues, was a complete failure when it came to preparing me for the actual afterlife.

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