Shit that pissed me off this week – 2/3

Governor Dayton responds to MN Republicans rejection of Ellen Anderson as Public Commission Utilities Chair

My biggest problem with Dayton is his lack of fire.  Like most Democrats, he caves when the stakes get too high (and by “stakes get too high” I mean “there is a conflict of any sort”).  Here, though, he tells it like it is.  Anderson stepped down from her seat in the legislature to take this position and the confirmation should have been a slam dunk.

Unless you have a bunch of partisan jackasses in charge who want to make a power play.  Dayton points out that their excuse is complete bullshit but that doesn’t matter.  They already performed their hatchet job as a way to flex their muscle.

My conservative friends will point out the Democrats made similar moves when they were in charge.  Yes, they absolutely did.  I didn’t like it when the Democrats did it either.  Elected officials should do their fucking job – not use it to engage in petty partisan power plays.

Maybe Dayton will use this as an opportunity to finally call the Republican Legislature out on their Bullshit.  A Guy can Hope.

Breast Cancer Charity cuts off Planned Parenthood because Congress is Investigating them

The crusade against Planned Parenthood by the religious right is never ending.  Pro life advocates seem to think that an organization that specializes in medical care for women who could not otherwise afford it is evil because one of the many services it offers is abortion which – I must remind you – is fucking legal.

So now Congress is “investigating” planned parenthood, which allows a major donor to cut them off.  Is Congress investigating them because they expect to find anything?  I doubt it.  It is a witch hunt, plain and simple.  A witch hunt designed to destroy Planned Parenthood completely.

If it works, conservative Christians will mistakenly consider it a victory when it fact, it is a defeat for every woman in the country.  The only people who hate Planned Parenthood are people who have never had the need of their services.

Note that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has been, it would appear, looking to sever ties with Planned Parenthood for some time.  Congress just provided them with a convenient excuse.  Thus allowing the Komen foundation to pull their funds right when Planned Parenthood needs funds to deal with a Congressional investigation.

So here’s what I did – I donated $25 to Planned Parenthood.

Update: This morning (Friday the 3rd of February), the Komen foundation reversed their decision, which is great. I’m still annoyed they made the decision in the first place. Even if their choice wasn’t politically motivated, the congressional investigation most certainly is. By allowing themselves to use that investigation as a scapegoat, the foundation certainly made it appear as if they had forgotten their mission.

Elementary school principal and School Board sees no problem with an assembly to teach children about Jesus

When are we going to get this church and state thing settled once and for all?  By that I mean “when are all politicians going to follow the entire constitution and not just the parts they happen to agree with?”  I don’t particularly like the proliferation of guns in our country but the second amendment is just sitting there telling me that I have to deal with it.

Well, separation of church and state is in there.  So deal with it and stop making excuses.  I don’t want my kids indoctrinated into your faith  because the faith of people who go into schools and tell an assembly of elementary students to read their bible is messed up.

And don’t tell me that evolution in science classrooms has to do with religion.  That is a question of science, not faith.

The Pennsylvania Legislature declares 2012 to be “The Year of the Bible”

Speaking of the separation of church and state, here we have another example. What really pisses me off about this particular story is the fact that elected officials wasted their fucking time passing this resolution.

Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney

The only reason this story pissed me off is because nobody should give a shit what Donald Trump thinks.

Glee Michael Jackson Episode


(Not from the episode I’m talking about but who doesn’t need a little Michael Jackson now and again)

Spoilers ahead

So here’s the problem.  Early in this episode, one of the “jerk” characters  throws a slushie with rock salt into Blaine’s face.  Some of the rock salt gets in his eye and he is going to need surgery as a result.

Having acquired proof of this assault, the kids of new directions decide to take the high road by showing him they know what he did and telling him that what they are going to do is kick his ass at regionals.  The message, I guess, is that getting a bully expelled and possibly arrested is worse than letting him know he got away with it and telling him that, if the scriptwriters are generous, you are going to beat him on the Glee field of battle.

See, I have a child who is dealing with bully issues and that doesn’t cut it with me.  Yes, kids will do horrible things without realizing how horrible they are but the “kid” in this episode is in High School and depicted as an entitled sociopath who doesn’t give a flying fuck that the person he assaulted is going to need surgery.

Fuck that.   The message the episode sends is the wrong message.  No doubt this asshole will continue to be a member of the warblers in spite of the fact they should throw his ass out when they learn what he did.

But they won’t because the show producers want an antagonist and it doesn’t occur to them that for some of us, there will be no catharsis when the New Directons beat this jerk at regionals because at some point, he’s just going to assault someone else since all they’ve taught him is that he can get away with it.

Maybe I shouldn’t get so worked up over fiction but keep in mind, what is happening to my kid is real and for me, the “high road” is anything but.

Rolling Stone explores the rash of teen suicides in Michele Bachmann’s District

This article is why I hate people like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. If you really want to get annoyed, start reading through the comments.

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