It turns out there are, in fact, people who live under a rock

I was reading this article about the release of the poorly named “New iPad” (oh how we miss you Steve Jobs) when I came across the following quote from someone waiting in line in Manhattan:

I bought [an iPad 2] for my husband two weeks ago, and then Apple surprised me by announcing the new one


How the hell was she surprised that they were about to announce a new iPad?  If she bought it two weeks ago, the announcement was less than a week away.

I realize that not everyone has their finger on the pulse of tech trends but if the President had chosen to announce military operations in Syria on the same day they announced the New iPad, it would have come as a shock to most Americans when they finally noticed.  Two months later.

Honestly, if I was the source of that quote, I would have given a fake name.

Something that sounds really stupid.  Like….”The New iPad.”


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