Hey – you *can* punk a liberal!

I totally got punked by this article yesterday.  I was surfing through links that looked interesting and given my well documented distaste for Rick Santorum, I couldn’t resist reading about the latest stupid thing he said. For some masochistic reason, I like to get riled up by the stuff he says.

Usually, I can spot a satirical article.  Not this time.  I totally bought it because, I guess, I really think Santorum is that stupid.

I told my wife about the article as part of the whole “guess what idiotic thing Santorum said today” conversation we have most every evening.  She did the natural thing and looked it up.  This morning, my wife pointed out to her husband (the comedian) that the article was satire and perhaps I shouldn’t rant about it online because if I did, I’d look like an idiot.

Here is something everyone who knows me needs to understand: for every stupid ass thing I’ve said in public, there are at least five things I never said because my wife stopped me.  Why have we been married 22 years?  Lots of reasons but primary among them is the simple fact that she frequently compels me to think before I act.

In my feeble defense, let me point out that this article fooled a lot of people.  Just read the comment section.

Also in my defense, I would totally buy that Santorum believes the Sun revolves around the Earth.  I’m pretty certain some of the people voting for him believe that.  He does believe some pretty crazy shit.

No  matter my excuse, I completely believed an article that was a clear joke.

I’m often amused by the way a lot of social conservatives assume Onion articles to be true.  Look at those idiots, I think, they actually believe this obviously satirical piece!  What morons!

I can no longer feel superior to them, though, except in one important way.  My spouse is clearly smarter than theirs.

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Geek, movie buff, dad, musician, comedian, atheist, liberal and writer. I also really like Taco flavored Doritos.

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