Shit that Pissed me off this week – 4/6

Michelle Dugar thinks Overpopulation is “not accurate”

The mother of 19 indicates she doesn’t know very much about – well – anything when she says that the entire population of the world could fit inside Jacksonville, Florida.

If we are going by sheer volume of people, she may be right.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that they would still have to live somewhere and they would still need to be fed and they would need someone to produce clothes for them and….you get the idea.

She shows that having the ability to count to 19 does not mean she has the ability to do math.


Kansas Passes an Anti-Abortion bill that Ensures Women Carry a Child to Term, Even if it is Dead

That’s right folks, this bill makes any abortion after 20 weeks completely illegal.  Mother’s health threatened?  Sorry.

Hell, even if the baby is dead, the mother has to carry that thing to term.  Them’s the breaks, folks.

Best part of this story?  One of the supporters of this bill argued that pigs and cows have to give still births, so human females should have to do the same thing!

That’s right – humans are the highest form of life!  Or, rather, human males are!

Yes, Virginia, They are still Bombing Abortion Clinics

I think we need to remember that the extreme pro-life response to what they view as the murder of a baby is to attempt to murder people.  The language that is used to speak out against abortion very nearly encourages this kind of extremist behavior.

No, nobody was hurt in this bombing.  Had someone been hurt, though, there would have been no remorse on the part of the individual who planted the bomb.  They would have celebrated it as a victory.

And while they might not have done it in public, the people whose rhetoric inspired this person would have thought the same thing.

2 1/2 Men Creator thinks there are too many Women on Television

As if I needed another reason to have no interest in the show, series creator Lee Aronsohn unleashes a tirade against women that included this gem:

Screw it… we’re centering the show on two very damaged men. What makes men damaged? Sorry, it’s women. I never got my heart broken by a man.

I can solve that buddy!  Start dating guys.

Here’s the thing – he was trying to be funny and his statements don’t come off as funny.  Is he really the mysogynist exemplefied by the comment above?

I don’t know.  But how else did he think his statements would be taken?

Mitt Romney Fails to Consult a Dictionary before Postulating what kind of Religion Obama wants to Establish

Romney says there is a move to establish a religion in America called “secularism.”

Let’s ignore for a moment that the definition of “secularism” is “a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship” because that is beside the point.

What if someone did want to establish such a “religion” in America?  Can Mr. Romney take a moment and find a spot in the constitution that says that is not OK?  The traditional argument that surrounds “freedom of religion” is whether the costitution means we are free to practice whatever religion we want or that our government should be free from obvious religious influence.  Personally I think it is both but again, that is beside the point.

If we go by the definition Romney (and most on the right) use, they believe we should be free to practice any religion we like.

So why does he have a problem with the establishment of a “religion” called secularism?  Seems to me that, by his own philosophy, we have that right guaranteed to us by the constitution.  Don’t we?

DeLaSalle High School Forces Kids to Attend Anti-Gay Marriage Assembly 

I blogged about this one separately.  I should note that it was also, apparently, an anti-adoption and anti single parent assembly.

Judge Orders Obama Lawyers to Explain why the President can Exercise Freedom of Speech – Just like the Rest of us

For a long time I’ve felt that the appointment of Supreme Court Justices and other judiciary is far too politicized.  This story really points up the situation by showing how Republican appointed judges had a problem with a Democratic president saying something with which they didn’t agree.

They took it a step further, though, by asking the lawyers in this case to write a brief explaining the President’s remarks.

Who gives a fuck?  Stop taking what the President says during an election year personally and do your job!

Republican Lawmakers Blast Obama for Doing the same thing They have been Doing for Years 

Speaking of that completely understandable stuff Obama said, now several Republican lawmakers are blasting him for “criticizing our system of checks and balances” which, it is important to note, he didn’t do.

In fact, he called out the Republicans on their “activist judge” bullshit and now they are basically saying that they can criticize court rulings but Obama should keep his mouth shut.

Rather than characterize this as a gaffe on Obama’s part, I really think the Democrats need to say “hey – if you have a problem, how about you STFU when a judge rules in a matter contrary to your political opinions?  You don’t like it when a judge says banning gay marriage is unconstitutional?  Stop blaming the judge and blame yourself for trying to discriminate against a group of people in a manner that was  – how did that judge put it – unconstitutional.”

Pastor Converts to Atheism and Dumbass Commenter makes a Boneheaded assumption about why he would do that

Mike Aus is not the first religious leader who has converted to atheism and he won’t be the last.  The story itself is annoying because of the headline (“Pastor Abandons Flock for Atheism”) that implies his very personal decision selfishly screws over the members of his congregation.  Obviously they would have been better off if he’d just kept his beliefs to himself and lied to them.

But what is really annoying is this comment on the article:

I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t a way for him to justify his own agenda. Mike is a very smart man. There must be some good money in becoming atheist.

WHAT????  There’s good money in becoming an atheist????  When do I get me some of that?

 Christian Bus Sign Gives the Worst Possible Advice 

I don’t object to churches advertsiting.  Free speech and all that.

If they are going to advertise, though, I’d like to see them giving advice that makes sense.  In this case, a hypothetical child asks the bible how to deal with the fact his/her parents are both drug addicts. At least I assume the kid is asking the bible.  The bible is definitely the one giving the answer.

Rather than responding with “holy fuck kid – I’ll be right over with child protection services,” the bible tells them that if they pray, they’ll feel better.  Their parents will still be drug addicts but it won’t bother him/her as much.

It’s sort of like when the doctor gives you a prescription for one of those drugs that doesn’t make the pain go away but you sort of don’t care about the pain any more.  Except in this case, the pain will still fuck up this hypothetical kid’s life.

The bible is a long ass book.  Is that the best advice it could give?

Adam West Receives Star on Walk of Fame

Good for Mr. West  but I think there is a real missed opportunity here.  Shouldn’t his star have been placed on the side of a wall next to a window that has Werner Klemperer’s star in it?

ThinkGeek offers kid sized inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair

 Wait….KID SIZED????  WTF?????

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