Neil deGrasse Tyson just blew my mind. Twice.

If you aren’t following Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter, you should.

I’ll warn you, though, he inspires some big thoughts.  On saturday, for instance, he tweeted the following:

Fond of bow ties & hats. Handbag is bigger on the inside. Talks to variety of creatures. Evidence Mary Poppins is a Time Lord


It means Dick Van Dyke is her companion, that’s what it means.

Today, he tweeted this:

Just an FYI: Stars in the Universe far outnumber all sounds & words ever uttered by all humans who ever lived.

In fewer than 140 characters, he conveys just how fucking HUGE the universe is.

He didn’t even need to qualify his statement by including only important stuff.  If he did that, he would have only needed to include the Milky Way.

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