Alphabetical Movie – How to Steal a Million

I write these alphabetical movie blogs mostly for myself, I realize that.  What can be fun is to watch the statistics for hits on a particular blog post and note that the traffic has almost nothing to do with the content of the blog and everything to do with the movie I’m writing about.

Take How to Steal a Million.  I’m guessing that most everyone who sees a link to my blog has never heard of the film.  Because of that, they aren’t going to click through because why would they want to read my thoughts about an obscure film they’ll probably never watch?

The next movie I’m going to write about will be How to Train Your Dragon and I’ll bet a lot more people will read that one.  Fon one thing, the movie is much more current.  For another, a significantly larger number of people I know have seen it.

None of this has anything to do with the quality of the film in question.  We read about what we know.

For myself, I am averse to spoilers for films I’ve not seen – even if the film is thirty years old.  I probably already know a lot about the plot but I want to make sure that I don’t learn anything more about it.  That means I’m unlikely to read an article about a film I’ve not yet seen unless I’m fairly certin I’m never going to watch it.

What I’m writing about isn’t particularly sexy, anyway.  I’m not linking to the latest LOLcat picture.  I should probably insert more demotivational posters into my posts as well.

How's this one?

Nor do I insert pictures of hot celebrities into my posts.

Did I mention that Audrey Hepburn is in this movie? Man, I LOVE Audrey Hepburn.

See?  Not sexy at all.

In fact, most of the time, I don’t even write about the movie I watched.   I just use the movie as a jumping off point for some tangential exploration of something else.  Like, say, which posts are actually going to get traffic.

I’ve noticed, for instance, that I’m more likely to actually write about a movie I hate.  

In truth, I always fear I’ll oversell a movie I love.  If I tell people I think a film is fantastic and they walk away disappointed, I don’t blame the film or them, I blame myself for somehow failing to explain why the movie is so great.

This movie is amazing! Why won't anyone listen to me????

I think people are much more likely to read about movies when someone is telling them that they shouldn’t go.  There is a collective sign of relif as if everyone has decided that since I went to see Wrath of the Titans, it absolves them from having to go.

It’s as if I took the bullet and now everyone else can take off the kevlar.  In return, they’ll click through so they can learn exactly how bad the film was.

All of this is to say this:  In spite of the fact I’ve barely mentioned How to Steal a Million, the odds are hardly anyone will know.

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One response to “Alphabetical Movie – How to Steal a Million”

  1. Ana says :

    It has Audrey Hepburn! That makes me want to see it and now I kinda want to know what it’s about lol.
    Although thanks for taking the titan bullet.

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