Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 5/4

Football Coach would be “Honored” if he was Fired for Anti-Gay Rhetoric

Never fails.  I post “Shit that Pissed me Off” and I immediately see something else.  This story is a week old but it still pisses me off.

He says that if he is fired for anti gay language, he’d be honored to be “fired for his faith.”  This in spite of the fact that there is very dubious evidence for using the bible as an excuse to hate on gay people.

He’s not going to be fired because of his faith.  He’s going to be fired because he has chosen very specific passages from a badly translated book to support a prejudice he already had.  Then he communicates it to a bunch of kids who look at him as an authority figure.

NPR Story tells the story of a Man Presumed Guilty In Spite of the Fact he could have been Proven Innocent

I listen to something like this – a story of a man who was jailed for 25 years because the men investigating him never considered that he might be innocent and willfully ignored evidence that would have allowed them to catch the perpetrator before he killed again – and I just can’t think of anything clever to say.

He lost his wife, 25 years of his life and his relationship with his son.  Just imagine if he’d been given the death penalty.  He is handling the whole thing much more graciously than I would.  I’d want to find the people who ruined my life and do my best to ruin theirs.

I would imagine he is a better person that most of us because he didn’t.

GOP Criticizes the Obama Administration for Using the Death of Bin Laden for Political Gain

Yeah, because if John McCain was currently President and he had given the order to kill Osama Bin Laden, he totally wouldn’t have done the same thing.

This Picture is Not Exactly Saying What I think it Wants to Say 

Here we go…

This picture has been making the rounds on Facebook but I didn’t see it until a few days ago.

It is accompanied by this quote:

May God stir our hearts to defend ALL life, from conception to natural death! I spoke with a dear friend who is a leader in the home school community today. She quoted Bonhoeffer: “In the sight of God there is no life that is not worth living.”

First, let’s consider the irony of talking about the sanctity of all life by using a picture of a living tree that someone carved up.  Is it likely that artwork will eventually kill the tree?  Of course it is.

So when you say “defend all life,” you mean all human life, right?  Because who gives a shit about that tree, right?

And by “from conception to natural death” what do you mean?  A lot of women would die in childbirth without medical intervention.  Do you mean that we should just let them die because medical intervention isn’t “natural?”

If someone is brain-dead and we make the choice to stop feeding them, is that natural or not?

But I digress.  What truly annoys me  is illustrating the sanctity of human life by showing disdain for the sanctity of any other kind.

Christian Teens get Upset because Dan Savage Points out the Hypocracy in the Bible

The link I chose is actually the Fox News article talking about how the Christian teenagers were feeling “bullied” because Savage had the gall to point out how people who claim biblical support for their actions are hypocrites because they pick and choose the parts of the bible that they follow.

Look, I get how hard it is to be in the majority.  I’m a white male.  I get privilege handed every day of my life and it’s hard for me to think of a world where that isn’t my right.   I mean, I love being on top.

I’m white. I’m Male. I’m AWESOME!!!!

So had Dan Savage told me that believing I was better than someone else because I happened to draw the long straw in the cosmic lottery, I would be offended too.

Wait.  Scratch that.  I wouldn’t.

I can’, however, see the difference between  saying Christianity is wrong and saying that the Bible is filled with contradictions.

And as the father of a child who has been a victim of bullying, these kids have a lot to learn about bullying.  Because having a guy tell you that the bible isn’t perfect is a far cry from being verbally and physically abused.

I guess what I’m saying is get the fuck over yourselves.

Speaking of Christians overreaching, How About what this guy said About the National Day of Reason?

It is sooooo hard to be the majority!!!!!

Thursday the 3rd was the National Day of Reason which is not, I need point out, a federally recognized event.  The National day of Prayer, which took place on the same day, was a Federally recognized event.

Christian Coalition board member Billy McCormack had the following to say about the National Day of Reason:

…simply a blatant assault on Christianity….Secular fundamentalists believe in and serve their god called ‘reason’ and want the nation to equate it with the Lord Jesus Christ…our forefathers founded a Christian nation based on the teachings of Jesus. The difference is plain.

See what he did there?  He said that a Day of Reasoning is an assault on Christianity (as if that was the only religion represented by a “day of prayer”) and just ignored the idea that a nationally recognized day of prayer could be considered an assault on anyone who doesn’t believe in god.

It isn’t.  It does a bad job of separating church and state and for that reason, I’m not a fan.  I don’t think it is an assault on atheists, however, because I possess perspective.

Dumbass Shows his Support for a Gay Marriage ban by Engaging in Vandalism

So an idiot who is for the Gay Marriage ban in Carolina figures that the best way to show his support is to blast his neighbors anti-marriage ban sign with a shotgun.  And he films it.  Using his real name.  Which he then posts on YouTube.

By the time he takes it down, other people have already copied it, found his Facebook Page and posted about it on Gawker.

I would hope anyone who is considering voting against gay marriage would see this story and think “whoa!  I’d better support gay marriage because it’s pretty clear you have to be as stupid as this guy to be against it!”

Speaking of amendment 1 in Carolina, here’s another winner

So let’s say you’re an anti-gay pastor in Carolina and you’re trying to convince your flock to vote against the amendment.  Would you….tell them to abuse their little boys if they start to act gay?

Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch.

Sure!  Why not!

Spare the rod, spoil the child, right?

Although, if you are really trying to keep your kids from going gay, perhaps you should choose some other word than “rod…”

Update:  After the video went viral.  He apologized.  Sort of.  He regretted his word choice but there is no evidence he regretted the sentiment.

Update #2: Billy Graham has come out in support of amendment 1 as well.  Not that I ever liked Graham but is anyone else getting tired of these “men of god” preaching about “protecting marriage” by trying to legally exclude certain people from doing it?

New York Football Fans Boo a Ten Year old Kid

Brandon Marabito won the right to announce a draft pick for the New England Patriots this last weekend.  His parents were relieved to discover he was a pretty well-adjusted kid because when he stepped to the podium wearing a Patriots Jersey, the New York fans at Madison Square Gardens booed.

Because there is nothing classier than heaping a bunch of derision on a ten-year old fan of a rival football team.   Brandon handled it with a big smile.  Good for him.

I’m sure the jackasses who booed him didn’t notice how well he handled himself because they were too busy high fiving each other.

Missouri Republican Comes out of the Closet and Opposes Don’t say Gay Law

Here is one of my major problems with the Republican party.  This guy is gay and he quietly voted in step with his colleagues for a while until he just couldn’t take it any longer.  He finally had to step up and say “I’m gay and I’m not OK with this.”

What makes me angry is that his party makes it nearly impossible for him to say such things because it is so driven by the religious right. You aren’t supposed to be gay and a Republican and if you are, you’d better not tell anyone.

It isn’t like one gay Republican is going to stem the march of “don’t say gay” legislation.  All these people know that they are passing legislation that will hurt some of their own friends and family.  They don’t actually care.

DEA Forgets about a Guy for Four Days

Everybody involved in this fiasco feels pretty damned bad about the whole thing – and they should.

But how is it that you don’t have a system in place to – I don’t know – check to see if there is someone in a holding cell???? What the hell?

I must note that the guy had been stoned on marijuana and there were 18,000 tabs of Ecstasy in the house where he was picked up so it is possible the whole thing was just a really bad trip.

That the DEA admits took place.

Lindsay Vonn, Gold Medalist and four time world cup champion skier, advertises for Kohl’s by talking about how exhilarated she gets when she goes…shopping 

Endorsements don’t get much more sexist than this.  Take a premiere athlete who is also a woman and have her gush about how great she feels when she finds that perfect item at Kohls.

I like to shop!

I know all my lady friends out there feel the same way.  Win a gold medal? Meh.  Find a cute blouse for half off at Kohls? Woo-hoo!

40,000 strong One Million Moms Objects to JC Penny Exhibiting a Lesbian Couple in one of their ads

Their continued drum beat: “think of the children!”

I dunno – it looks like the kids in the ad are doing OK…

OH MY GOD! That little girl is so obviously confused about relationships with two consenting adults. It’s TRAGIC!!!

Head of Irish Catholic Church Won’t Resign amid Allegations he Helped Cover Up Pedophile Priest’s Behavior

Here’s the thing about pedophile priests – it isn’t that there are so many of them that is the problem.  The problem is that the church has a history of pretending they don’t exist and then blaming everyone but themselves when it becomes public.

The constant deflection of blame distracts the church from really important goals like ensuring that birth control is difficult to acquire and censuring priests who choose to publicly express their beliefs.   Also fighting gay marriage.  We can’t forget about that.

Take THAT Gay Marriage!

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