Who wants to go to a Vilification Prom?

For those interested in more detail on upcoming shows, I’m showing off more art and talking a little bit about the May Vilification Tennis show – Vilification Tennis PROM NIGHT!

First, here is the poster by John Newstrom, combining elements from the horror flick Prom Night with a clown nose.  Because clowns are funny.  And scary.  There’s also booze.

If you didn’t notice what he did with the pupils, take another look.

The show promises to be more wacky than usual.  For one thing, all of the vilifiers will be competing to be crowned king/queen of our Vilification Prom!  There should be some posters coming from them soon so keep an eye out.  The audience will get to vote for the winners at the show.

Newly crowned vilifier Courtney McClean will be there – even though she won’t be vilifying.  She’ll be performing with her band, The Durty Curls as our official Prom band!

As an added special, anyone who dresses up for the show will get a discount on the at the door price!  Tickets are only $12 at the door if you dress up for prom.  We also have a photographer there who will take free pictures of anyone dressed for the event.

The show is going to be funny and will feature a lot of inspired silliness.  There will also be condoms.

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