Shit that Pissed me Off this Week – 5/18

I’m on vacation this week and next week so the column is shorter than usual.  That, I imagine, is probably a good thing.

Most Psychotic Anti-Gay Person Ever

This lady’s crazy rant has been circulating the internet quite a lot in the last week.

This doesn’t piss me off.  It makes me laugh but if I’m being honest with myself, it also makes me sad.  This woman isn’t just anti-gay, she is completely around the bend crazy.  She needs some sort of medication in the worst way.  Just listen to the crazy shit she is saying.  Normal people don’t talk like this.  When you can make Michele Bachmann look sane, you have a very serious problem.

Update: Yep – she’s mentally ill.  Her family says she is on medication (up the dosage) and that makes the attention on her all the more sad.  The whole thing points up the kind of hatred that is focused on gay people.  She’s mentally ill and you can’t control that but would her vitriol be focused on gays if there weren’t so many sane people doing it already.

Rand Paul Makes the sort of Tasteless Joke that Makes me Question his Libertarian Credentials

Basically, Paul said that he didn’t think Obama’s views on marriage could have gotten any gayer.

Ha ha ha!

Paul describes himself as a Libertarian and then makes fun of the President for supporting gay marriage  – something most Libertarians know support as well.  But hey, he is still a Republican from Kentucky and that means he knows who is going to be voting for him in five years.

Wisconsin State Senator, Facing a Relatively Easy Re-election Battle, Decides he can be a Sexist Asshole 

Scott Fitzgerald doesn’t seem likely to lose his seat in the Wisconsin Senate but Lori Compas isn’t willing to let him go unchallenged.  Instead of treating his opponent with a modicum of respect, however, he is refusing to engage in debates and thinks the following:

 Fitzgerald said he thinks her husband is one of the main forces behind her campaign, as well as unions and protest groups.

In other words, there is no way a woman could be running a well-organized campaign or – apparently – think for herself.   Now if Compas was a Republican running to unseat a Democrat in a different district, I’ll be Fitzgerald would be praising her as a “leader.”

Because Republican women all make that decision their own.  Democratic women need their husbands to make up their minds for them.

Pastor gets a bad Review From Former Member of his Flock so he does the Logical Thing….and sues her

Yeah, it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?  She talks about how her experience at that church made her feel and he decides that speaking your mind is not OK when you are talking about him.

The problem with all organized religion is that you have to rely on the person at the top being someone of good character.  This dude clearly isn’t.  Given that he is a Christian and shouldn’t be so concerned about the amount of money he is making, one wonders why he wants to sue anybody  for $500,000.  One can hope that he’d give the money to charity if he won.

But we all know that he won’t.  Or rather, he will view “charity” as a new addition to his house.

Virginia House of Representatives Refuses to Confirm a Judicial Nominee Because he is Gay

The reasoning, of course, is that he’d be too biased by his gayness to rule fairly in matters of gay rights or some stupid-ass bullshit like that.

We all know it is bullshit because none of us have heard of a straight nominee being denied because he’d be biased in matters of straight rights.  Or a female nominee being refused because she’d be biased in matters of women’s rights.  Or a black nominee refused because he’d be biased in matters of….should I go on?

No, of course I shouldn’t.

You know what’s going to be really ironic?  When this guy takes the state to court and a straight judge will tell them they are full of shit.

Special props to the ten people who abstained.  Don’t want to tell the guy no but don’t want to get pegged as someone who supports gay rights?  Just keep your mouth shut.  It’s easier that way.

Chicken shit fuckers.

Report find that Texas Executed the Wrong Man for Murder

Anybody want to know why the death penalty is a problem?  How about this report that shows a botched investigation and defense that ultimately led to the death of an innocent man.  What will happen next?

Well, it seems likely that everyone involved in the original prosecution of this man will claim they got it right and this (far more meticulous) investigation is wrong.  It probably isn’t.  Innocent people go to jail all the time.

Thing is, when you send them to jail, you can let them out again.  When you kill them, there is not much you can do except hope their family doesn’t file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Which you will deserve.

Ex Priests Speak out Against Minnesota’s Gay Marriage Amendment and the Church, of course, Says something stupid

Obviously, I think the ex-priests are awesome but here’s what Jason Adkins of the Minnesota Catholic Conference said:

We certainly anticipate unfortunate attempts by some to divide Catholics from their shepherds, their bishops, and while we think it’s unfortunate, we do recognize it’s only a small portion of the Catholic community…The vast majority of Catholics stand with their bishops and the teaching of the church regarding marriage and protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.


In last week’s Shit that Pissed Me Off, I mentioned a poll in which 51% of Catholics responded that they supported gay marriage.  Even if we were to assume that poll was off by the full margin of error, I don’t think that constitutes a vast majority.

Granted, the guy never defined his terms.  If by “vast,” he meant “one or two percentage points,” I guess he’s got me.

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