Alphabetical Movie – Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Here’s the thing about the Ice Age franchise – which is about to release it’s fourth film.

The movies are good but not particularly memorable.  I’ve never walked out of the theatre thinking “damn, I just wasted ninety minutes of my life” but I also never walk out of the theatre thinking about scenes that I just totally loved.

My kids love Scrat (which makes sense – see my Alphabetical movie entry on Ice Age) so I’ve seen every single film in the franchise and will, no doubt, see the next one.

Even they, though, don’t seem all that interested in revising the film later.

My kids, like most kids, have horrible taste in movies.  They have both gone through phases where they watch Atlantis over and over again.  They both love the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

Yet when given the choice, they show absolutely no interest in watching Dawn of the Dinosaurs which is a better movie than Atlantis.

If you haven’t seen Atlantis, take my word for it.  I’ve seen it more than enough times for anyone.

Yet – for all the stupid storytelling in Atlantis, I sure remember more about it than Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which I just watched.

I know there are Dinosaurs in it.  One of them is a T-Rex and one is much larger than a T-Rex and evil.  There is an Australian weasel.  Lauging gas!  There is a scene with laughing gas!

See what I mean?  It’s fading from my memory faster than the answers to every test I took in college.

There is just a sort of blandness to the Ice Age sequels that I can’t explain.  They are competently made.  The voice talent is very good.  They are even funny.  I imagine I will laugh out loud at several moments in the new film.

Yet, I can’t get worked up about seeing it.  I know I will see it.  The kids want to see it and so we’ll go.

We’ll walk out of the theatre and my kids will be saying “I loved that scene where Sid (or Manny or Diego) did soemthing really funny – did you daddy?”

And I won’t answer them.

Because I won’t remember the scene they are talking about.

I’ll be too bush thinking about some scene from fucking Atlantis.

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