Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 6/8

Doctor Allegedly Refused Treatment to an HIV Positive Patient

The accusation is that a doctor refused to get an HIV patient his medications because the patient was gay and (I’m paraphrasing) “he deserved it.”

In a culture where preachers are teaching their children to sing songs about how homos are going to hell, this shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise.  People are being told that it is OK to treat homosexuals differently on one topic (marriage) and, therefore, they reach the conclusion that they can treat those people differently in all situations.

The people who think that way are horrible people.  They would probably still be horrible people if they hadn’t been trained to behave this way toward homosexuals.  I think that perhaps we need to re-direct that acrimony towards something more productive.  Like hating Wal-Mart.  Or Ke$ha.

Gwyneth Paltrow gets in Trouble for using the N word in a tweet – when she is talking about the title of a song that uses the N word 

I talk about racism in America quite a lot so it may come as a surprise that I’m defending Paltrow for the use of the N word but here’s her tweet:

 Ni**as in paris for real @MrTeriusNash (the dream) tyty, beehigh

Now, the picture has been taken down but it was a picture of Kanye and Jay-Z performing their song “Ni**as in Paris.”

Naturally people freaked out that she would use the word in any context.  Even in the appropriate context of performing a song called “Ni**as in Paris.”

The comment thread is missing but I’m also betting the majority of the people freaking out were white.  I can’t prove that, obviously, it’s just a guess.  Even if they weren’t, at issue here is the fact that freaking out over something that isn’t at all racist distracts from things that actually are.

Like people who continue to believe that our first black President was either not born in America or a muslim.

Texas Principal Feels the Definition of the word “Atheist” will Disrupt the Learning Process

I know it sounds like I’m using that header just for shock value but look at this picture of the actual flyer he rejected:

Oh noes! We don’t want our children understanding the literal definitions of things!

What does the flyer do?  It defines atheism.

How much you wanna bet that he would not have had a similar objection to a flyer that defined Christianity?

A 13 Year old kid is dead because his neighbor Assumed he had done something wrong and shot him

A 75-year-old man shot an unarmed 13-year-old in the back because he believed the young man had robbed his house.

I’m not sure what to say about this one.  It sure isn’t funny.  It’s just sad and stupid and it makes me wonder why we are so obsessed with firearms in this country.

I know it is not popular to think that guns are dangerous and that we are, as a nation, fixated on our right to tote them around with us wherever we go but it bugs me.  It scares me.

I don’t feel unsafe as much as I feel unsettled.  This dead kid is part of a larger issue.  One that we don’t address.

The Money Behind the Wisconsin Recall is Messed up 

Scott Walker won.  Obviously I’m not pleased about that.  When you look at how the money was rolling into Wisconsin to support his re-election, you can’t help but notice what is wrong with America.

Money wins elections.  When you spend as much as Walker did, you really ought to win.  It wasn’t a victory for his ideological perspective.  It was a victory for the people with the deepest pockets.

This is not a partisan problem.  Look at how much money wealthy liberals from out-of-state spend trying to beat Michele Bachmann.  I mean, I hate her too but it doesn’t feel like the constant river of money is making our political system better.

Is it possible that the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court will go down as being one of the worst things that ever happened to our political system?

I mean, aside from Michele Bachmann.

The Catholic Church Continues to work on Bringing American Nuns Back in Line 

This week, the Vatican censured an American nun because she wrote a book about sexuality in which she (gasp) suggested that masturbation might not be such a horrible thing.  That was, apparently, a problem for Vatican leaders who spend a lot of time focused on what other people are doing with their privates.

I expect that is because they aren’t doing anything with their own.

Kleenex sales in Vatican City are probably lower per capita than in any other country in the world!

Recent Media Survey shows that the overwhelming number of people tapped to comment on Women’s issues are…men

Look, I don’t think that men should be kept silent in debates over women’s issues but don’t you think that women should be getting a little more air time?  By placing men front and center on these issues, the most important voices in the debate are being marginalized.

Sexual inequality is alive and well in all aspects of our lives.  Anyone who says differently is either willfully ignorant or has an agenda.

Speaking of which…

Senate GOP Blocks Equal Pay Bill

Using the douchiest of political ploys – the filibuster – Senate Republicans refused to allow a vote on equal pay for women because they view it as a job killing bill.

Now let’s be honest.  The bill was something of a showboat bill because the House isn’t going to pass it.  Still, I’m tired of the filibuster being used to avoid voting on an issue that scares you.

I know that no Democratic Senators read my blog but please listen to me – next time they want to filibuster for a week – let them.  If they are too chicken shit to let their voice be heard loud and clear on an important issue, make them talk about it for as long as possible.

Then when people start complaining nothing is getting done, point to the guys who won’t just shut up and vote.

The MTV Movie Awards Still Exist

While I give the MTV Movie Award folks for actually nominating Bridesmaids for best picture, they still gave the award to Breaking Dawn, Part 1 so I feel like the whole thing is a wash.

I know the whole event is a pop culture circle jerk and the winners are completely irrelevant but that’s the problem.  The only reason the Twilight saga gets awards at this shindig is because they know Kristin Stewart will show up to accept them and that drives ratings.

By Inserting this image into my post, hits will go up 25%!

That’s what it is all about but couldn’t they find a way to avoid dressing it up as an awards show?  Or perhaps, combine it with a currently popular property like – say –The Hunger Games.

Then young celebrities and celebrity wanna bees could have a battle to the DEATH to determine who was going to get cast in upcoming blockbusters!

That is something I’d watch.

A “Scientist” at the Creation Museum Says some Stupid Things

I got into a lengthy conversation last week with someone who said that I was intolerant on the subject of creationism and I think I need to be really clear about it.

You bet I’m intolerant.  Creationists are just plain wrong.  They are using a non-scientific text to disprove years of scientific research because they don’t like the conclusions of the research.  That is not just delusional, it’s dangerous.  The moment you start ignoring facts because they don’t fit what you believe, I have an issue.

This article features a “scientist” who claims they don’t have to be afraid of the “real” evidence because it supports their point of view.  As long as they ignore any sort of radiometric dating evidence.

To believe the world was created 10000 years ago, you have to be deluded.  It goes beyond being wrong.  You have to actively work to justify your belief in the face of a barrage of evidence that all disproves your point of view.  It creeps the fuck out of me.

And yes, I’m pretty intolerant about it.

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