Alphabetical movie – Inception


As with many creatively challenging films, the internet is crawling with commentary on Inception.  No film can be truly perfect but on the internet, there is a critical mass at which a film becomes popular enough that it inspires a certain percentage of individuals to rant about why the people who loved the film are fucking wrong goddamit!

Yet the one lasting memory I have of the film is the Twitter hash tag.


Because, you know, the soundtrack features lots of sustained bass notes and what better way to make a humorous comment about the movie?  Example:

Woke up this morning to discover the top on my nightstand was still spinning! #BWAAAAAP

I enjoy this sort of “witty” banter springing up around a film.  People who love and hate the film can joke around without anything getting too serious.  It’s a lot of fun.

Especially when compared to the scores of whiners on the internet trying to convince me that I just don’t get it because the film is a complete piece of shit.

To them, I could just say:

Screw all the haters.  I thought INCEPTION was a dream! #BWAAAAAP

One well placed hash tag and I dismiss all of their well thought out and lengthy anti Inception screeds.  I mean, for as much as they hated Inception, they’d probably watched it at least a few more times than me just so they could write their 5000 word blog entry with stills, charts, and LOLcats.  If you are going to obsessively deconstruct a film you hate, you gotta make sure you can remember every second of the movie.

All that means they put a heck of a lot more work into hating the movie than I ever put into liking it.

And much as Christopher Nolan must have been frustrated that is film had been reduced to a hash tag that said absolutely nothing about his film, how much more frustrated were the people who had spent hours crafting their meticulous assault on the film only to be confronted with:

Hey @FuckChristophererNolan: haters gotta hate. At least it was better than str wrs prequels! #BWAAAAP #Snap

Wow.  @FuckChristopherNolan was totally pwned there!

Side note: pwned has its own entry on Wikipedia.  Of course it does.

Eventually the chatter died down.  The Inception haters stopped writing new articles and resorted to commenting “I know, right?” on other people’s posts.  The BWAAAAP hashtag stopped showing up on Twitter and was replaced with other hashtags like #InsertWithSoupIntoSongTitle and #TVShowsWithSoup.

Sweet Caroline With Soup #InserteWithSoupIntoSongTitle

Souperday Night Live! #TVShowsWithSoup

But wow, for that one week back in 2010, #BWAAAAP ruled the internet.

Good times.  Good times.

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