Another Shatner Show image!

Another promo shot from “The Complete Works of William Shatner (Abridged).”  This handsome fellow is me.  Not that you can particularly tell.

Fun facts – I got the mask and hands from Twin Cities Magic & Costume and they are awesome.  You should go there.

I told the proprietor I was looking for a lizard mask and he asked what it was for.  I said I was looking to create a cheesy “Star Trek” monster.  “Oh,” he said, “like the Gorn.”

I was in the right place.

Also, for the super geeky out there, the “lizard” hands are actually from a Green Lantern costume.  If you come to the show, look for the Green Lantern ring.  The hands are about five thousand times more awesome than the movie.

In brightest day….you know the rest.

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