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We launched a Kickstarter last Friday for the Vilification Tennis home game and while there is a lot of information on the Kickstarter page, I’m going to blog about why I wanted to do it in the first place and some of the stretch goals we have in mind if we can reach our initial goal fast enough.

Why do I want to create a real version of a game we created specifically for on stage entertainment?

Because it’s a lot of fun.  When you play the game, very little of what you come up with is golden.  It is funny simply because you have to come up with something funny very quickly and that is kind of impressive.  It makes unfunny stuff funnier.

Besides, we all think we are super funny, right?  This game is a way to prove it to your friends.

The initial goal will help us develop a fairly simple app that will assist with game play and scoring.  That in itself is pretty cool.

However, if we can get that initial $2000, we want to do two things:

1)  We want to create a tabletop version of the game.

2)  We want to create a networked version of the game.

Goal #2 is the coolest idea because it would allow anyone with the app to play it with anyone else who has the app.

Say you decide you want to play a round.  You send out a notice that says “The topic is Squid and you have one hour.”  You can limit it to friends in your “circle” or send it to anyone who has the app.

After an hour, you get to read all the responses and pick a winner.  The winner gets points that can be used to unlock achievements and possibly extra game content.

Personally, I’d probably never stop playing the game.

Thing is, that kind of app is expensive.  It’ll probably run $6000 – $8000 to develop.  At least.

So hey, help us out!  Making the initial goal gives us something cool but the stretch goals are even more exciting!  Tell your friends that this is an awesome idea and it deserves their support.

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