Alphabetical Movie – Insomnia

I’m trying to be a good geek.  Really.  I love a good Super Hero film and Christopher Nolan has made two of the best already.  I’m super jazzed for The Dark Knight Rises.  I don’t know if it is going to be great but I want it to be great.

I have a lot of faith that Nolan can deliver.

So it is with almost a whisper I admit that I don’t think The Dark Knight is Nolan’s best film.

I think it’s Insomnia.

Before the trolls start invading my blog, I’m going to point out that most of you have never seen the film so you haven’t got the slightest clue what I’m talking about.  I know you love The Dark Knight.  I know.

Find a safe space, OK?  I’m not knocking The Dark Knight.

You are going to find this shocking but there are literally hundreds of films that are better than The Dark Knight.  The odds are you haven’t seen most of them because you’ve been too busy re-watching The Dark Knight.

Hey, that’s cool.  I’m not knocking your nearly psychotic obsession with a single film.  People get that way.

I’m just trying to point out that Christopher Nolan has made other films, and most of them are pretty good.

Insomnia, for instance, is amazing.

I’ll admit, there is not even a second of screen time featuring Heath Ledger’s Joker.  For many of you, that is probably going to be a deal breaker.

I get that.

Let me remind you, however, that Ledger is not in several other really terrific movies.  Casablanca, for instance, is completely Ledger free.

You’d be surprised how many films there are out there that are not The Dark Knight, 10 Things I Hate About You, Brokeback Mountain, or Monster’s Ball.

Who am I kidding?  You’ve never watched Monster’s Ball.

You’ve also never watched Insomnia.

My guess is that most hardcore fans of The Dark Knight haven’t explored Nolan’s filmography beyond the Batman films and Inception.

That’s cool, guys.  That’s cool.  You are welcome to have an insatiable love for one movie that eclipses all other things.  I’m not going to try to psychoanalyze your crippling fixation.

What I’m trying to say is that you should give Insomnia a chance.  It’s filled with the deep psychological angst that The Dark Knight constantly alludes to.  It has a flawed hero, just like The Dark Knight.  Much like The Dark Knight, it also has a fascinating villain.

NO!  Heath Ledger does not play the villain!

In all other ways, though, it has a lot in common with The Dark Knight.

Except that the whole thing takes place during the day.  That part isn’t at all like The Dark Knight.

Don’t let that deter you!  A lot of interesting stuff happens when the sun is up!

I can already feel the fan wrath building so let me state once again, I love The Dark Knight.  I just like Insomnia more.

And no matter how many death threats I get, I’m going to stand by that opinion.

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5 responses to “Alphabetical Movie – Insomnia”

  1. Rachel Bendtsen says :

    I saw Insomnia IN THE THEATER! And I was quite dissapointed. But I will give it another chance, just for fun!

  2. sylvan012 says :

    One of the most remarkable elements of ”Insomnia” is the spectacular performance by Al Pacino. As the days go on and he’s gradually broken down, further and further by the incessant sunlight, the case at hand, and his own personal demons, you can actually feel the pain -the sheer exhaustion- his character is feeling. For me, this is Pacino at his very best.

    I would venture that this is not only Nolan’s best film but Pacino\’s as well.

    (Although, the more I think on it, I might put ”Memento” as Nolan’s best.)

    • Brian Redd says :

      I 85% agree with you, Tim. Not only is Nolan one of the best directors working, but as awesome as “The Dark Knight” is, it’s not his best film. “Insomnia” is better. Although, I agree with Sylvan012 – I think “Memento” is better yet. I was utterly obsessed with “Memento.” I bought the special edition DVD and watched the movie IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER for goodness sake (hidden easter-egg special feature of the special edition).

      When I saw “Insomnia” I thought three things:

      1. Christopher Nolan is not a one-trick pony or a happy accident – “Insomnia” was masterfully done!
      2. “Insomnia” was an amazing movie, even if it wasn’t another “Memento” (but, then again, how could there ever be another “Memento”?)
      3. Robin Williams can be creepy as hell! Who knew?

      And then, pretty much every movie Christopher Nolan has made since as been A) Awesome and B) not “Memento”. Thus my near panic at thinking of “The Dark Knight Rises” – not only does he have two amazing Batman movies to live up to (both of which were A) Awesome and B) not “Memento”), but he has his entire directorial career to live up to! He’s gotta fall on his face sometime, right? I mean, after Cars 2 I can relax now in regards to Pixar films, because they made their dog already. That’s why I like Ridley Scott so much, because he’s always able to throw a piece of crap out every so often, so that I don’t worry too much about him being able to pull off the quality stuff. But Nolan… he’s ready for a fall…. Please-please-oh-please-gods-in-heaven-or-whatever-please don’t mess up “Dark Knight Rises”! Ahhh! (But, at least I’m pretty sure it won’t be “Memento”.)

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