Fringe Festival 2012 – Narrowing Down the Choices

Well, here comes the Fringe!  In addition to the two shows I’m Producing, there are a lot of other shows I’m looking forward to seeing at the Festival this year.  I don’t imagine I’ll see everything on this list and I’m sure I’m missing some really good shows but right now, my list consists mostly of productions that feature at least one friend/acquaintance of mine.

I like comedy a lot so almost everything I’m going to see is a comedy.  I’m sure there will be some great dramas at the Fringe but I’m not a serious guy and that is reflected in my choices.

So, what am I going to try to see?  Well, in no particular order:

The Gay Banditos

I’d go to see this on the strength of their Fringe For All Preview and the fact that Mechanical Division produced “Cat” last year.  The fact that they are donating all proceeds of their show to Minnesotans United for all Families is a bonus.

Mime Without a Mask

I’ve gotten to know Kirsten Stephens over the last few Fringes and the one thing I’ve failed to do is get to one of her shows.  Sorry Kirsten!  She has two this year and I swear I’m going to see one of them!  I’ve heard nothing but good things about her and Dean’s work.


Choreographed by Windy Bowlsby which means it’ll be a lot of fun to watch.  She’s also in The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged) so I gotta go.  Not that it’s any kind of burden.

Billy Beechwood and the Mountain of Terror

Ever since 2010’s “Speech,” I can’t imagine skipping a Ferrari McSpeedy production.

Class of 1998

Josh Carson wrote and directed?  OK, I’m in.


Four Humors.  Another company that produces superior work every Fringe.  Of course I want to see it.

Fringe Orphans

I really enjoy the concept of this show.  A bunch of folks who didn’t get into the Fringe are each producing short works for this collection.  A few Stop Talking players will be involved with this show.

Nightmare Without Pants

I know I don’t have to convince anyone to watch a show by Joseph Scrimshaw but let me try anyway.  Shanan Custer is the lead in this year’s Fringe show and she is effortlessly funny.  All the time.  A script by Joseph with Shanan?  Yeah, I’m going.

The Love Show! 

I’ve heard a lot of Courtney McLean’s songs without the Durty Curls and they are very clever and funny.  I’m looking forward to seeing a few with the Durty Curls.  I imagine they’ll be even better!

An Agony of Fools

I haven’t seen one of Ben San Del’s solo shows yet.  This year it is my goal to fix that.

Steampunk Apocalypse

Dawn Krosnowski is the lead so I’m going to be checking it out.  It is also advertised as a “seat wetting” comedy.  I figure it would be best to go to their first show ‘cuz I’m not going to want to sit in the seats after that…

Taiko Flash!

These guys did a great, energetic show two years ago.  I heard last year’s was just as good but I missed it.  I’m hoping to do better this year.

Happy Hour

I don’t go to a lot of dance shows but I feel that Sara’s shows are not to be missed.  This year, the theme is drinking.  Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

Ash Land

You want an inferiority complex?  Take a look at the line up on the Rarig Thrust.  Then imagine you have a show there as well.  Ash Land is the latest production by the mind that brought us “Red Resurrected” and “The Ballad of the Pale Fisherman.”  I didn’t see either of those shows. Having two shows in the Rarig center this year ought to make it easier for me to see this one.

Someone is Wrong on the Internet

Half of the entertainment of this show has been watching Kelvin fret about it on Twitter.  I kid.  Kelvin is very smart and even if he finishes writing his show twenty minutes before his first performance, I’d want to see it.

iMime,  There’s an App for that

Kirsten’s other show.  This is a solo production.  I swear, I’m getting to at least one of her shows!  I love the show image for this one.

The Gentlemen’s Pratfall Club

Even if I got tired of Comedy Suitcase’s shows, my kids never would.  The one show at this years fringe I know I have to make sure the boys see.

Well, that’s the list for now.  I’m sure more will be added and I’m positive I missed a few that had already piqued my interest.

Happy Fringing everyone!

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