Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 8/10

Creationism Craziness

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Not content to simply ignore any research showing that evolution is real, this creationist has studied the bible to determine that – wait for it – plants are not alive!

Among other reasons plants aren’t alive: they don’t have blood and apparently you need blood for a sacrifice to god.  Since plants can’t be bled out to show god how awesome he is, they aren’t living creatures.

Try telling that shit to the Whomping Willow, asshole!

If you are reading this right now and thinking anything except “what a complete loon,” please don’t tell me.  I want to believe that the only person on Earth who is that messed up is the guy who wrote the original piece.

Tennessee Gets the Ten Commandments on School Walls by Cheating

I don’t honestly understand why there is so much difficulty understanding the difference between “church” and “school” in this country but here’s the best way to understand the difference:

In church, you get to tell people about the Ten Commandments.  In school, you get to tell them about nouns, verbs and arithmetic.  In a public school, if you want your kids to learn about ethics, you send them to a class on ethics. 

You don’t just post the ten commandments on the wall.

Having been told (by the courts) that it wasn’t appropriate to display the Ten Commandments in public grade schools, the Tennessee legislature decided to pass a law allowing historical documents to be displayed on school property and they made sure that the Ten Commandments counted.

And now the schools will have to spend money defending themselves from the lawsuit that is coming because they don’t actually care that what they are doing is illegal.

Yes! Yeeesssss! It’s Brilliant!

And that ticks me off because the schools need all the money they can get to educate children.  Yet, they think it is more important for their school to do the work of a church.

And who suffers for it? The kids.  Of course.

Drunk Guy Throws a Bottle on the Track at the Mens 100 M Final and Dutch Judo Bronze Medalist SMACKS HIM

Actually this doesn’t piss me off so much as offer all of us a life lesson.  If you are going to be an obnoxious jackass, don’t do it at the Olympics because most of the people around you are in far better shape than you can ever hope to be and they will beat you up!

Not that I support vigilantism.  I mean, unless she was dressed like Batman.

Dutch Bronze medalist BATMAN!

Illinois Family Institute Warns Parents to Beware of Cool Teachers

Why?  Because it’s the teachers with their crazy liberal agendas that get reputations as “cool” teachers!  Those wacky science teachers who talk to kids about biology and physics! Those “cool” teachers who tell their students about geometry and algebra! They are tools of the devil, I tells ye!

The lesser known but still dangerous “shape of the beast.”

We all know I”m an atheist so it should come as a surprise to you when I say that I know some “cool” religious people.  I know some “cool” conservatives.  At least I thought I did.  Apparently “cool” is reserved for us liberal gay lovers.

I’ll admit, I’ve never known a “cool” homophobe.  They’re all dicks.

What should I call these “cool” conservatives?  Can I call them “neat?”  How about “OK?”

Is this stuff in the gospels somewhere?  “How blessed are the liberal, for they shall inherit the cool?”

I think I need to re-read the bible.  It might be a lot more interesting than I thought.

Bryan Fischer Suggests Creation of an “Underground Railroad” to “Rescue” Children from Same Sex Households

Wait, what?

He is suggesting that kidnapping children from loving households is the moral equivalent of helping a slave to freedom.

Sure the guy is a fringe lunatic but his crazy is part of a larger movement of crazy and the moment you start saying that a homosexual union should not be the equivalent of a “traditional” union, you invite this kind of insanity.  The idea that children need to be “rescued” from a two parent household is horrifying.

How would this guy feel if I suggested that we needed to start an underground railroad to rescue children from Fundamentalist Christian households?  I’m pretty sure he would be completely outraged.   As well he should be.

Because suggesting that kind of thing is nuts.

Ultra Orthodox Jews are Wearing Blurry Glasses so They Won’t be Able to See Women

The concept of strict separation between men and women is taken to the comical extreme by the use of these glasses that “provide clear vision for up to a few meters so as not to impede movement” but will blur your vision within a few meters so you don’t accidentally look at a woman.

Oh no! A human form that just might be a woman! Look away! Look away!

This idea that the mere presence of women drives men to dangerous lustful thoughts is pervasive in many of the world’s religions and it serves as nothing more than a vehicle to make women ashamed of their gender.  Beyond having to deal with unrealistic body issues, they are told that they are literally dangerous.

Because they got the wrong chromosome.

One can hope there will be a day when most of us move beyond the need for blurry glasses because we will all recognize that the differences between men and women are mostly just in our heads (and in outdated books that shouldn’t be used as templates for our behavior.)

Homophobic Father Writes the Most horrible Letter Imaginable

The letter is confirmed real.  Read it and ask yourself “who would chose to be gay when there exists the very real possibility you would get a letter like this one?”

One can hope that with enough time, this father will realize what a hateful act he committed.  Not only is he unable to forgive his child for an imagined wrong, he has gone as far as to shut that child out of his life forever.

I know my kids don’t read this blog.  I won’t let them until they are old enough to deal with how often their dad says “fuck.”

When they do, though, I want them to know that if they can forgive me for saying “fuck” a lot, I can forgive them for whatever faults I perceive in them.  If they are gay, however, I won’t perceive that as a fault.

Because there is not a damned thing wrong with being gay.

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8 responses to “Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 8/10”

  1. sylvan012 says :

    A very dear friend of mine, closer than most, was outed and his mother not only would not accept him, she wouldn’t let him touch her for fear that he would contaminate her. She only contacted him through his siblings and wouldn’t talk to him. She was a Jehovah’s Witness, apparently, and was going through some kind of very strict renewal/cleansing process.

    I hear that, in the years that have passed, she’s gotten over much of how she used to feel in that she is back in touch with her son (who has moved to California and is one of the few who were married in the brief window before Mormon money from out-of-state bought the election to make it unconstitutional). So I have hope, vague and frightened though it is, that maybe this ass-hat will one day come around.

    I doubt it, but I cling to hope.

  2. Eric K. says :

    It looks like your Ten Commandments image isn’t working. Way to hotlink.

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      Works for me. You are clearly clicking it wrong.

      • Cetius d'Raven says :

        I think I may be having the same issue Eric is. The header link to the story works just fine, but there is an image in the middle of the text of that segment that says “Hotlinking has been disabled. To see this image, visit:“. Going to said site’s home page doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the story in question.

      • Petsnakereggie says :

        Odd. There should be an image in the middle of the post but no link. I see the image when I double check the post. Can you see the image? If not, I’ll try re-inserting it.

      • sylvan012 says :

        It may be that your browser is storing the image in its cache from when you first saw it on and, therefore, you keep seeing it when you view everything. I cannot see it, either. You may need to import the image, locally, into your blog images since it appears nerdnirvana has some sort of blocking script on their end.

      • Petsnakereggie says :

        I just used a different version of the image from last week. Hopefully that fixed it.

  3. sylvan012 says :

    That did it! 🙂

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