Geeks Without God Episode 7

If I’m posting about a new Geeks Without God podcast, it must be Monday! Episode 7 is a Geeky Boner* episode.  We talk about Mars Curiosity, Running with Zombies and other geeky stuff, including “Atheist Voices of Minnesota.

If I can make a personal comment about this week’s episode (of course I can – it’s my blog), I feel pretty good about how the three of us are coming together for our guest-free podcasts.  It’s a learning experience to share hosting duties but we’re figuring it out.  So hooray – go team Geeks Without God!

*Geeky Boner is how we refer to our latest geeky obsessions.  This is all thanks to the fact Molly always talks about how she gets big old geeky boners for stuff.

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