Check out the swank art for the next Vilification Tennis show

We are still in the midst of the Renaissance Festival but our work on our Bryant Lake Bowl season of shows is already gearing up.

In October, we’ll be presenting two nights of Vilification Tennis LOVES America!  Art for the show and information about our upcoming season below the fold.

Enjoy the super Patriotic artwork by John Newstrom that just screams holy fuck do we LOVE America! Those eyes creep the fuck out of me.  It’s like she’s staring at me but she can’t see me.  All she can see is a gay loving librul who is in love with terrorism and wants to have sex with her husband.  Even though her husband is TOTALLY STRAIGHT and NOT INTERESTED!

The show promises to be a dirty and irreverent LOVE letter to politics, apple pie and your mom.  I guarantee we will make fun of Michele Bachmann.

The 2012-2013 season lines up like this:

  • October – Vilification Tennis LOVES America!
  • November –  The CiVilification Tennis War: Vilification Tennis pees on History
  • December –  F**k 2012
  • January – your Mom is Such a Slot: Vilification Tennis Salutes Gambling
  • February –  Because I Said So: The White Male Privilege Show
  • March – Win, Lose or Vilify: The Vilification Tennis Game Show
  • April – The Vilification Games: Our 6th Annual Amateur Show
  • May – Vil Cum Laude: Vilification Tennis Goes Back to College
  • June – The Vilification Tennis Travelling Roadshow
  • July – Mint in the Box: The Vilification Tennis Geek Show

And hey, don’t forget to check out our swank website with all sorts of funny comedy stuff, listen to our podcast  and help support our home game Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter has reached its goal but we are stretching to develop a tabletop version of the game.  You can help by contributing!  The project closes on Monday so help it you can!

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