Hey Guys! Want to watch me perform way out of my weight class this week?

Thursday night at 10:00 PM, I’ll be a “Celebrity” guest judge for Theatre Arlo’s PowerPoint Karaoke.

As an improv structure/show, PPK is one of my absolute favorites.  Bill and Melissa do a great job coming up with hilarious slides and they are always able to get a great lineup of comedians to assist.  This week’s presenters are Jill Bernard & Eric Heiberg, Joseph Scrimshaw, Sharon Stiteler and Tim Uren.

I will be judging their comedic skills along with my other (actual) celebrity judge, Trace Beaulieu (he was part of a show you might have heard of and also currently works with Cinematic Titanic).

There is no false humility at work when I publicly wonder what I did right to appear on the same stage as these other wonderfully talented comedians.  Frankly, I agreed to judge because I figured it was a great way to get myself into the show for free.

I know it’s a little late on a school night but I can’t recommend the show highly enough.  The premise is funny.  The slides are funny.  The people are funny.  They sell beer there.  What’s not to like?

For information on other performing I do around the Twin Cities and on the web, you can always check out my upcoming performances page on this site.

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