Doing something nice for my kid

Last week, I wrote about how my son was being bullied and how proud I was of his response.

A lot of people told me how he sounds like a great kid and they also told him this weekend.  Before the weekend, I made a facebook post wherin I suggested that those who wished to should give him $5.00 to help replace a 3DS he lost last week.  Several people asked if there was a way to do it online.

So for those folks, here is a way to donate to his DS fund through paypal.  You can only donate $5.00.  I don’t want anyone to donate more than that.  If you can’t afford $5.00, that’s OK.

If we make more than what we need to buy him a DS, we will donate the remainder to Minnesotans United for All Families.

If you would rather make a $5.00 to Minnesotans United in his name, that would also be terrific.

Thanks for all the love and support he’s received.  He doesn’t entirely undersand it but I know he appreciates it.

Here’s the donation button for those who would like to use it:

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