I am Fearless

So if you look at the right hand side of the page, you will see a new button that says I’m a proud supporter of Fearless. You probably don’t care what that means but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Fearless Comedy Productions is a new theatre company conceived to bring together several different comedy companies under a single umbrella that will, we hope, help increase the visibility of all of the.  It is also a company that will be producing and supporting new work.

The idea for this company was mine but I was lucky enough to be working with a bunch of other comedians who thought the idea was a good one. We’ve been talking about the idea for about six months now and we’ve finally reached a point where we can tell everyone about it.

I know, a new theatre company doesn’t seem like that big an idea.  It’s certainly been done before.  Most of us have been producing shows for a few years now and we are going to continue to produce shows in the future. So why create Fearless Comedy?  What makes it different?

Comedy is a risky proposition.  You put yourself in front of a bunch of people and you hope that you are going to make them laugh.  The people forming this company know that.  We’ve put ourselves in front of audiences and made them laugh.  We want to band together to help each other find new audiences and we want to help young comedy producers find their voice.

So the central goal of Fearless is twofold:

First – we want to create a loose partnership of comedy producers and help them get their work seen.  We aren’t just looking at theatrical productions like Vilification Tennis either.  Our original partners include podcasts like Geeks Without God and Appropos of Nothing, musicians like The Durty Curls and comedy bloggers like YoungNotions.  We’re have a few more partners we are ready to announce in the next few weeks and I expect that we will see another five or six come on in the early part of 2013.

Second – we want to produce and help produce original comedy work.  I’m working on a new Live radio show called “Big Fun Radio Funtime” that will bring in comedy writers, voice actors and a live sound effects artists quarterly.  We are also putting the finishing touches on a sponsorship program for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

There are some other shows that we are working to toss on the burner as well.  We’re talking about a co-production with some RockStar Storytellers.  We have a cabaret show in the works.  There could even be puppets.  Later in November, Fearless will be doing PowerPoint Karaoke.

We also have a launch party scheduled!  On Saturday, January 12th, we’ll be doing a big old shindig at the Amsterdam in St. Paul.  The show will feature a live recording of Geeks Without God with guest Aric McKeown, performances by Bill Young and Joseph Scrimshaw, PowerPoint Karaoke, The Durty Curls and so much more!

We are super jazzed about all of it and I hope that a few of you are excited as well.  Go check out our website to learn more. It’s time to get Fearless.

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