One Vote is all that Matters

My friend Carr Hagerman has a thoughtful blog today that provides, I think, an important perspective on our choice to vote.  He’s right, of course, you don’t have to vote.  Voting is not an obligation, it is a right.

You do not need to take advantage of that right.

And yet, if I could ask all those who are disenfranchised enough to skip voting this year to do one thing, it would be this: vote anyway.  Vote on one thing and then go home.

If you don’t like any of the presidential candidates, then don’t vote for any of them.  If you have no idea who your senator is (or should be), don’t vote for them.

But take the time to go to the polling booth and vote no on the marriage amendment.  Even if you are sick to death of the political process you need to understand that this one issue will have a major impact on a great many people and they need your help.

If you want government out of your life, you need to vote no.  Otherwise you set the dangerous precedent that our constitution can be used to deny the rights of those who are not like ourselves.

This fight will play out in the courts if the amendment passes.  It will not be over.

So please, don’t go to the polls because it is your duty.  Go because on this one issue, you can make a difference.  Carr is right, the choice to stay home is completely valid.

But this year, that choice will have consequences.

Check one box and go home.  Nothing could be easier.

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