Art for January’s Vilification Tennis Show

So for January, our theme is gambling.  I’m actually looking forward to some of the crazy structures we’ll come up with for that show. As a f’rinstance, all of the participants will be determined by drawing ping pong balls.  Theoretically, someone could show up for the show and never perfrom.

I’d laugh my ass off if that happened.

I’ve managed to toss artwork to a few extra people this year and Geoffrey Brown came up with the logo for this show.  Check it!

It’s a lot of fun to toss ideas at different artists to see what they come up with.  I really like what Geoffrey did to bring out the concept of the show.

Honestly, I can’t wait to figure out what Vilification Poker is like.

If you are interested in my upcoming performances, you can always check out my Upcoming Performances page.

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