A Christmas Gift for your Favorite Atheist!

So I’ve been doing a little writing about Atheist Voices of Minnesota over the last few months.  Geeks Without God did a podcast about it.  I took part in a public reading.

And I was just told that the book has sold a respectable 500 copies, which means that it has recouped publishing costs!  Sweet!

But hey, with holidays coming up, it’s a great time to give your favorite atheist some reading material. So if you are so inclined, just grab a copy of this charming little ad and send a subtle “hey – check this out” e-mail to someone who might be interested in giving you a book.

At this point, 100% of all sales go directly to Minnesota Atheists so while there are no Black Friday deals for the book, you can feel good because your purchase price is going to a good cause.

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