Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 11/23

Conservative Christian Commenter Shows Remarkable Lack of Knowledge about Nature

We haven’t gotten a lot of comments from right-wing Christians over at Geeks Without God yet.  I guess we haven’t quite hit the big time.  I’m sure that we may eventually be awash in commenters telling us we are going to hell but we’ll need to have patience for that.  Someday we will be truly famous on the internet!

We did get a comment this week and what annoys me is not the comment, but the tremendous level of ignorance that it contains while being only a paragraph long.

If you are going to argue that homosexuality is unnatural, don’t start by arguing that it doesn’t happen in nature.  Because it does.

No really! It was an accident! We just tried to have sex with her at the exact same time!

Now as a whacked out conservative Christian, you have all sorts of articles that will try to make the argument that sure, homosexuality occurs in other animals, but it doesn’t count.  So why deny homosexual behavior exists in wild animals when you can just make excuses for it?

Please note that last link takes you to Coservapedia so beware: that way lies madness.

The point here is that the argument is useless obfuscation.  Who cares if homosexuality occurs in other species?  Birds can fly.  Fish can breathe underwater. Humans can’t.  Different species do different things that are completely natural. The presumption that homosexuality is a behavior that is somehow the only thing an animal species does that is counter to the natural order defies logic.

Humans, in fact, do a ton of stuff other animals don’t or can’t do.  There is no presumption that most of those things are unnatural.  Homosexuality gets special attention because one passage in a very long book has been given far too much relevance.

Marco Rubio Isn’t Sure how Old the Earth Is

Rubio is an up and comer in the Republican party because he could be one of the keys to the Latino vote.  Asked how old the earth is, he got all wishy-washy and basically decided to say he didn’t know but because we don’t really know how old the Earth is, “all theories” should be taught and we should let the kids decide.

Sure, OK.  We’ll teach them everything and then say “all of these theories over here have absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever.  People just believe them because they didn’t like the real answer.”

Then they will never speak of those “alternate theories” again.

Rejection of scientific evidence is not a virtue to be admired and yet in this country, it remains a valid route to higher office.

Whiny Bosses Cut Worker’s Hours Because Obama Was Reelected

It is remarkable to me that these bosses waited until after the election to start complaining about how much the Affordable Care Act was going to force them to screw over their employees.  The act is constitutional and it was going to be enacted whether Obama won or not.

The Democrats were still going to control the Senate and they weren’t about to completely gut the Act when it is one of their flagship pieces of legislation.  Romney may have claimed he was going to stop Obamacare but he really couldn’t have actually done it.

Which means that these rich dudes were going to do this shit anyway.

Now whether or not the Affordable Care Act causes huge problems for these rich guys or not, the fact is what they are doing is a not so subtle political play by linking the election to their decision.

Does the CEO of Papa John’s really need to raise the cost of his pizza to cover the additional Health Care costs?  No, he really doesn’t.  His profits don’t suggest any such need.  His 22 car garage suggests he’s doing just fine thankyouverymuch and maybe, just maybe, he can afford to provide health care coverage to the people who make pizza for him.

I’ve got an idea asshole, jack the price up 20% and make a better goddamn pizza!

Especially given he wouldn’t have a 22 car garage if they weren’t making the pizzas.

Conservative Christian Group Advising Clerks with Religious Objections on how to Avoid Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Because you know it’s important for people to be able to enjoy their religious freedom to discriminate.

If a clerk is asked to do his or her job by issuing a legal marriage license to a gay couple, they should just do their job and issue the license.  If their religion makes it difficult to do their job, maybe they should look for a new job.

Do these same religious groups who are “counselling” people on how to remind gay couples that lots of folks still view them as defective give similar counsel for those clerks who view interracial marriage as immoral?

Of course they don’t.  Because that would be “discrimination” rather than “religious freedom.”

Jesse Jackson, Jr Resigns from Congress

He’s been under investigation for months and yet Jackson ran for, and easily won reelection under a month ago.  Now he’s resigning and that means a costly special election to fill his seat.

He had time to withdraw from the regular election and he didn’t.  He represents Chicago so there was no way the seat could have accidentally fallen into Republican hands.  So why did he put off the inevitable until after the election?

Maybe he couldn’t imagine living if he wasn’t representing a city with a giant reflective sculpture of a kidney bean.

Jackson is suffering from mental illness so I shouldn’t be so hard on him, I guess.  Instead, I’ll be hard on the people who insulated and coddled him instead of getting him out of congress before the election.

What the fuck, guys?  Did you forget who you were working for?  Or did you never really know?

Rep Scott Desjarlais says his Mistress Wasn’t Really Pregnant Anyway

Scott Desjarlais is a pro-life Congressman whose ex-wife had two abortions.  He was also caught on tape trying to convince his mistress to have an abortion.  Somehow, his constituents figured that his hypocrisy wasn’t all that bad and the re-elected him anyway.

Safe in the knowledge that he can say damn near anything about anyone and keep his job, Desjarlis is now excusing what he said to his mistress by wasn’t pregnant or if she was, he wasn’t the one who got her pregnant.

So, in other words, it’s completely OK that he had an affair and encouraged his mistress to have an abortion because it probably wasn’t his baby.  Anyway, she’s just a tramp who sleeps with all sorts of Congressmen.  Not just him.  That could have been any Congressperson’s baby.  If it was a baby at all.

She was probably doing it just to make sure he wouldn’t get re-elected.  And she failed!  Ha!  See how he managed to defeat and discredit that horrible tramp who led him astray?

That’s exactly the kind of guy I’d want representing me in congress. Congratulations to the residents of the Tennessee 4th!

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