New Monday Morning Silliness

This week’s Vilification Tennis web updates include a few new things by yours truly.  The re-make of Red Dawn naturally inspired me to think about what the next re-make of Red Dawn might be like.  So I wrote a Movie Dick article about it.

We also recorded a podcast right after our Vilification Tennis show on Friday night.  It’s a little bit different from most of our podcasts.  We skipped fucked up news and spent a while talking about the show we’d just done.  We also talked about a lot of other comedy ideas, including rape jokes.  Seriously – trigger warning.  If that is the sort of thing that bothers you, I would hope you have already decided not to listen to our podcasts.

Matt got on a roll near the end of the podcast that will either offend the hell out of you or entertain you.  I can’t say which.  If you like it, great.  If you don’t keep in mind he hit his head pretty hard earlier that evening.

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