Alphabetical Movie – Kiki’s Delivery Service

My youngest is at the age where he is capable of watching movies over and over again.  He’s reached the point, though, where he doesn’t watch the entire movie.  He’ll only watch parts of it.

He seems to be keyed in to the Alphabetical Movie Project a little bit.  This may be a result of the fact that I try to watch most kids’ movies with the kids.  Makes it a nice family event.  What it means, though, is that Devon has typically already been watching the next movie on the list.

He won’t watch the movie all the way through, though.  He’ll just watch his favorite parts over and over again.  Often he’ll watch the end of the movie and then skip to somewhere in the middle and then skip to someplace near the end again and then go back to the beginning.  It’s as if he is taking these films and trying to cut them together the way Quentin Tarantino might.

For the week leading up to the evening the official viewing of Kiki’s Delivery Service, he was watching it several times over.  His favorite scene comes right at the end of the movie where a young boy is hanging from a rope on a dirigible.  I’m not ever sure what he sees in the scenes that fascinate him.  Is it the dangerous situation?  Is it the action?  I don’t know.  He can’t really explain why he is so attached to that particular scene.  He just likes it.

In the case of this film, it meant that I was quite familiar with the scene in question long before it played on-screen.

We all were.  Even if we hadn’t been paying attention, it had been playing in the background during much of the preceding week.  It had been slowly worked into our psyche to the point that any time I saw a police car, I expected it to drop out of the sky and land in a swimming pool.

That reference will make more sense if you’ve seen the movie.

I would really like to sit down and evaluate what it is about certain scenes that appeals to him.  Because he really likes blimps, I’m guessing that the primary appeal of this particular scene is the great big blimp crashing through the city.  He could care less about the boy hanging from the rope or the falling police car.  He cares about the blimp.

And, given the main reason he wanted to watch Part II of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was so he could watch Hogwarts burn, I’m guessing he gets a kick out of watching a bunch of buildings get destroyed.  He’s that kind of kid.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you are now thinking that the bulk of the film has something to do with blimps and falling buildings.  In fact, almost none of the film deals with those things.  But he’s interested in those things and he’s willing to tolerate other parts of the film to get there.

Someday, I’ll have to sit down and figure out the pattern to what he chooses.  Perhaps the pattern is simply that they are his favorite scenes.

I want to believe there is something deeper than that.  There’s a connection that not even he sees or understands yet.

It’s probably nothing.  I just wish he’d wait to obsessively watch a movie until after the official viewing.

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One response to “Alphabetical Movie – Kiki’s Delivery Service”

  1. Michael Angelo Russo says :

    The airship and flight in general is talked about quite a bit throughout the movie, to him it could very well be about the airship centrally and not the coming of age of a teenage witch and the friends she meets upon her personal journey. Perhaps that’s the juxtaposition that he’s seeing, a story of events about the potential of the airship and what it can do and less about people. Or, perhaps like the old housemaid he’s watching the disaster with some distanced glee.

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