Alphabetical Movie – Kill Bill Vol I & II

When I talk about Kill Bill, I typically refer to the two films as my favorite Tarantino films.  I differentiate them from what I consider his best film because those are two distinctly different concepts.  One is talking about the movie I derive the most pleasure from watching.  The other is evaluating the skill of the filmmaker.

Both are subjective measures, of course.  Calling a film your favorite is a far more honest measure and one that doesn’t invite any useful argument.  How can you possibly disagree with me about which Tarantino film is my favorite?

We can disagree all over the internet about which film is his best.  Yet those arguments are always informed, at least a little bit, by which ones are our favorites.

If I hated Inglorious Basterds, there is no argument that anyone else could make that would convince me the film is better than Pulp Fiction.  The best argument in the world would not get past the fact that I’m never going to like that movie.

The concept of “best” uses what are purported to be objective arguments but those objective arguments are easily derailed by the subjective ones.  Jackie Brown can’t be the best Tarantino film, someone will say, because hated it.  Even if you could somehow produce evidence that they were the only person on earth who hated Jackie Brown, their counter argument would be that everyone else is clearly wrong.

That is why it is so much easier to talk about a “favorite.”  That same person can hate on Jackie Brown all they want but the moment you say it is your favorite, they can’t tell you that you have it wrong.  That opinion is ironclad.  They can assault it but they aren’t going to do any real damage to it.

So the Kill Bill films are my favorite.  That’s the easy part.  When asked to say which of Tarantino’s films are the best, I have more trouble.  Now I have to support my point of view and further, I have to realize that no matter how well I support my point of view, it will be attacked.

The internet was not created for people to be right. It was created for everyone else to prove them wrong.

Right now, there are at least a dozen people I don’t know whose internet spidey sense is tingling because they can feel that I’m about to make a bold statement.  A statement that they can, in no time at all, disagree with in an expletive laden tirade that will be upvoted to hell on Reddit.  All I have to do is say which Tarantino film I think is best and the internet will rain fire down upon me.

The wrath of god is insignificant when compared to the wrath of the internet.

The film I pick is completely irrelevant.  Somebody already thinks I’m wrong and they are just waiting for the chance to prove it. Which is why I’m really content to say that I enjoy the heck out of the Kill Bill films without ever mentioning which Tarantino film I think is the best.

The thought of that many fanboy veins popping across the internet fills me with a great deal of contentment that is, I admit, a little bit sadistic.

In the end, my opinion of which Tarantino film is the best isn’t all that important to anyone but me.  What is important to others is the ability to agree or disagree with that opinion.

In fairness, that’s the most fun anyway.  Who am I to deny people their fun?

Pulp Fiction.

Bring it.

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