Alphabetical Movie – Kim Possible: So the Drama know, I really didn’t think I was going to have to watch this movie.  I was pretty sure it was straight to video and the rules clearly state that I’m only watching films that received a theatrical release.  I figured I’d be skipping right over this one.

Unfortunately, my wife had to tell me that she was pretty sure at least one Kim Possible movie was in movie theatres and because she told me that, I was forced to look it up.  Once I looked it up, I discovered that I was, in fact, going to have to watch the film.

Movies like this one can prove to be a rather major obstacle for the Alphabetical Movie Project because I really don’t want to watch them.  The movie isn’t awful but it is pretty banal.  Sure, you say, I could have skipped it.  There is nothing forcing me to watch it except an arbitrary set of rules that I put in place because I decided that I should really watch every movie we own at least once.

But if I’m going to skip the movies I don’t want to watch, what’s the point of doing it in the first place?  Aside from that, I get to enjoy the pleasant surprises that come from re-watching a movie that I didn’t like the first time but do like now.  Gosford Park is a great example.  When I saw that movie the first time, I really didn’t care for it.  Oh, I thought it was a good movie but it just didn’t connect with me.  I had no desire to watch it again.

When I forced myself to watch it again as part of the Alphabetical Movie Project, I was much more taken with it.  I think I found it easier to keep the characters straight, which was a challenge the first time I watched it.  I also was more comfortable with the dramatic flow of the movie because I was used to it.  No matter what the reason, I was happy I’d forced myself to give the film another look.

I didn’t expect such an experience with Kim Possible: So the Drama but the rules are the rules.  I had to give it a shot.  In order.  Because that is how I’m doing things.

What I typically do in the situation where I’m about to watch a movie I really don’t want to see is I just watch the darn thing as quickly as possible.  Even if it means staying up too late one evening to ensure it gets watched.  The sooner I get past the movie that doesn’t interest me, the better.

We really don’t own that many movies that I don’t want to see.  There are a few my wife likes but I don’t.  There are a few (like this one) that we got for free.  There are a few that I saw once and really liked but they haven’t stood up to additional viewings.  More often, though, I find myself looking at the next three or four movies on the list and getting really excited about watching them.

And when that happens, it makes it a little easier to force my way through the Kim Possible’s.

I’d be lying, though, if I told you I was paying a lot of attention while it was on.

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3 responses to “Alphabetical Movie – Kim Possible: So the Drama”

  1. Erik Pakieser says :

    So what you are saying is, if you own a movie you have to watch it? ‘Cause I have an old DVD of the new “Rambo” film I don’t know what I am going to do with….

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      Yes, those are the rules. If I own the film, it is part of the project. Keep in mind that if I’ve already passed the film alphabetically, it will be a while before I get to it.

  2. ubi dubium says :

    We own a Kim Possible movie as well – “A Sitch in Time”. My kids watched it many times when they were younger, so I’m pretty familiar with it. As kids movies go, it doesn’t suck. And there was some voice acting by Michael Dorn, which is always a plus.

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