Geeks Without God Gets Charitable

This week’s Geeks Without GodGeeks Without God is live and it features an interview with fellow Atheist Voices of Minnesota contributor, Norm Barrett Wiik.  In the weird conincidence category, Norm also wrote an essay on summer camp and “Wiik” is prounounced “Wick.”  I can confirm we are not the same person, however, because we were both in a room together.  Also, he said on the podcast that he was too young to remember the Iranian hostage crisis and I was most definitely not.

Norm is also on the board of directors for Camp Quest Minnesota, which is a super cool secular summer camp.  The aim of the camp is to teach kids about critical thinking, which is something that is lacking in our school cirruculum.  It is not “Jesus Camp for atheists.

Nick, Molly  and I are really interested in helping Camp Quest Minnesota so in addition to having Norm on our podcast this week, we are doing a holiday fundraiser for them!  If you click through to our website, you will see a widget to donate directly to Camp Quest!  You could also just click here and it will take you directly to the donation page. Our goal is to raise $500 or more in the next month, which will be enough for us to provide a scholarship for one child to attend camp.*

So if you are like me and you don’t want to give your charity dollars to the salvation army this year, think about givng a few bucks to Camp Quest instead.  Help us reach (and exceed) our goal.

*Note – $500 is enough to provide a scholarship.  That doesn’t mean Camp Quest Minnesota will use the funds for that purpose.  That is up to them.  There are no strings attatched to our donation.  We’d like them to use the funds for whatever purpose they think is best.

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