Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 12/14

This week will probably be pretty light as I was out of town for much of it and, as a result, not really following the news.  A few things, as always, did manage to catch my eye.

Texas Man Carves a Pentagram into his 6 Year Old Son Because he’s a Fucking Loon

You just know that a lot of people are freaking about this guy because they think he did this because he’s a satanist or pagan or something.  I’m unfamiliar with the religion that celebrates the holy day of 12-12-12 but I’m pretty sure that no matter what religion the guy follows, cutting up a 6 year old is not in the holy book.

The guy did it because he’s got a screw loose.  Actually, he has a whole erector set full of loose screws. He’s the kind of crazy person who exists so other crazy people can think they are normal.

Is this a pagan symbol or a Japanese throwing star with the safety on?

Normal people don’t carve pentagrams into their children’s backs.  Normal people make their kids dinner and give them a hug and kiss before bed.  I wish this guy had chosen to carve something less iconic (like a zebra) into his kid’s back.  Then the comversation would be on how crazy he is – which is where we should be focused.

Conservative Commentator Doesn’t Like the Obama’s Christmas Card

Well of course he doesn’t.  The guy gets paid to hate everything Obama does.  If Obama switched parties, got Biden kicked out of office and appointed Michele Bachmann his new Vice President, this guy would call him out for failing to stick to his principles.

Yet, there are times where you wonder if punditry has gotten out of hand.  When someone is spending airtime complaining that the President’s Christmas card features a picture of his dog and not a picture of Jesus Christ, we have officially reached “there is nothing else to talk about” levels of punditry.

If this Christmas card is another salvo in the war on christmas, then the fact it doesn’t mention France is another salvo in the war on France.

Hey conservative pundits: To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a Christmas card is just a fucking Christmas card.

Michigan Voters Reject a Law in November so the Michigan Legislture Passes the law Anyway

So when they say things like “let the people decide,” they only mean it if the people actually decided the right thing.

We are a representative Democracy so we can accept that our representatives sometimes don’t do what we want.  However, when we make it pretty clear what we want by – say – voting on it, it seems pretty disinginuous to do the opposite.

I know this is crazy but sometimes the party in power should live with what the voters have indicated even if they don’t agree with it because they are supposed to represent those people.

I’m going to send my representatives a message about the stuff I want them to completely ignore!

We all know that isn’t the way it is and in the end, politicians will follow whatever they believe will keep them in power – the will of the people be damned.

And before you Greens and Libertarians get all smug, keep this in mind – if your parties ever rise to power, they will do the exact same thing.  While there are good people of every political stripe, the ultimate goal of the parties in power is to stay in power.

Michele Bachmann Fails to Recognize that She is the Ultimate Example of why Freedom of Speech is not in Trouble

Everyone talks about freedom of speech but Michele Bachmann actually does something about it.

As she consistently says crazy ass shit about how the Obama administration is curtailing the right to freedom of speech, she proves the opposite because she keeps getting to say crazy ass shit.  If Obama was as bad as she thinks, he’d probably try to shut her up.

Probably not, I suppose, since she’s the closest thing to a comedian you will find in the House of Representatives and those guys need to lighten up.

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