Geeks Without God and Appropos of Nothing – Together Again!

Geeks Without GodIn preparation for the Fearless Launch Party this Saturday, we scheduled an epic podcasting EVENT with our pals over at Apropos of Nothing.  Last week, the three of us were guests on their podcast.  There was a lot of drinking and rambling conversations about all sorts of stuff.  It was fun but none of us had enough.  The only solution?  Another podcast!  Only this time the podcast would be on our terms!

So the three of them joined us and we recorded an episode of Geeks Without God featuring our first theist (Jena) and our “first” returning guest (Matt is actually our second but the episode with our first hasn’t aired yet). By virtue of being a returning guest, Matt was tasked with asking us five questions.  And with Jena and Salsa being new guests, they had to answer our five questions.  That was four people answering five questions apiece.  So what you get is an episode nearly that is nearly an hour-long and involves nothing more than answering a bunch of questions.

I swear it is a lot more interesting than I just made it sound.  Listen for yourself!

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