Fearless Comedy Launch – What is happening?

I’ve been talking about Fearless Comedy for a while because it’s a big deal and I’m really excited about it.  This Saturday’s launch party is the “official” start for the company.  I think we have a great lineup of entertainment for the evening.

So if you’ve been reading/hearing about Fearless and the launch party and you are thinking “man, that sounds awesome but I really want to know more,” this is the post for you!

The event takes place at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown St. Paul.  It starts at 6:00 and runs until midnight.  The event is a fundraiser and the suggested donation at the door is $20.  If you can’t pay $20, pay what you can and come anyway.  The best way to kick off this company is with a room full of smiling, laughing people.

So what the hell will we be doing for six hours?  A lot!  We’ll have a silent auction.  We’ll have Fearless T-shirts and stickers for sale.  The Apropos of Nothing podcasting crew has cooked up drink specials for you to try! We’ll be hanging out and talking and laughing.  And there will be comedy.  Oh yes, there will be comedy.

To ensure there is time to both laugh and talk, we’ll be doing 30 minutes of entertainment every hour.  The whole event is hosted by Fearless Partner Bill Young, who is funny.  So there’s that.  The rest of the night lines up like this:

6:30 PM – Live recording of Geeks Without God with special guest Aric McKeown.  Also featuring a live performance of the Geeks Without God theme song by me and Geoffrey Brown!

7:30 PM – Fearless Partners Courtney McClean and the Durty Curls will serve up some naughtybilly musical musicness.

8:30 PM – Live Recording of the Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw podcast.  Joseph will be interviewing a random audience volunteer about their obsession.

9:30 PM – A Fearless Comedy Showcase featuring Stand-up Comedy by Bill Young, original music from Big Fun Radio Funtime by myself and Geoffrey Brown!  We’ll also be introducing the winner of the Fearless Fringe Sponsorship.

10:30 PM – Fearless partner Ian Rans presents the $50 pyramid!  You’ll have a chance to compete for fabulous prizes including actual cash money! We’ll also play two rounds of PowerPoint Karaoke featuring presenters Joseph Scrimshaw and Aric McKeown!  They will not have the opportunity to win cash money.

So it’s a big night with a lot of exciting entertainment.  Can’t come for the whole thing?  Come for a couple of hours!  Can’t afford $20?  Spend less!

The show is 18+ so if you are younger than that, you still have time to acquire a convincing fake ID.  Ask your mom! It’s for a good cause!

Tell your friends to come and make a date night out of it.  Our goal is to raise a lot of money and shoot some comedy in your face.

I know – that last part sounded pretty dirty.

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