Geeks Without God was recorded LIVE! Well, it’s always recorded live but…

Geeks Without GodThis weekend we recorded Geeks Without God in front of a live audience with guest Aric McKeown.  I won’t deny I was pretty nervous about it since you never know how that sort of thing is going to go.  I shouldn’t have worried.

We were first up and since we figured people would be coming in at various points throughout the evening, we assumed that the audience at 6:30 would be relatively small.  Wow were we wrong.  In fact, there were at least fifty people there when we started recording.  Most of them seemed to be enjoying the show.

I was also trying out my portable audio recorder.  We had it plugged directly into the sound board and having listened to the podcast, I have to say that it turned out amazingly well.  I really look forward to the next time we can do a live recording using the same technology.

Oh yeah, and Aric is a funny funny guy.

So here’s the link to this week’s show.  Click on through if you want!

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