Alphabetical Movie – Lady and the Tramp

Please note: I didn’t know the man so what I’m saying is complete speculation

I don’t think Walt Disney was a cat person.

What Lady and the Tramp teaches us, among other things, that dogs are capable of caring for human babies and cats will make every effort to destroy them.  While the film stops short of having the cats try to steal the babies’ breath, it sure doesn’t make cats look like loving creatures that could bring warmth and happiness to any home.

It isn’t really fair to judge Disney by one movie, though.  Looking at the “classic” Disney films (the ones made before his death), let’s see how cats make out, shall we?

Well..there’s 101 Dalmatians.  That movie has..a whole lot of dogs…and…um…one cat.  He’s a nice cat so that’s something, I suppose.  Of course he is involved in a strange military hierarchy where he is out ranked by a dog and a horse.  A horse?  Had these people met a cat before?  There is not a cat on this planet that would take orders from a horse.

From a cat perspective, the fact horses allow themselves to be saddled and ridden is the source of ridicule and contempt. At least it would be if cats could bring themselves to give a shit about horses.

Pinocchio features a cute cat named Figaro.  It also has the anthropomorphized cat that keeps tempting Pinocchio into doing stupid things with the help of a fox.  Which is sort of like a dog.  I’m going to call that a push.

The Jungle Book is also a push because Shere Khan cancels out Bagheera.

It is becoming obvious that Walt Disney had a problem with cats.  Now I confess I may be biased on the subject given I’m sitting here typing this blog post while a purring cat is butting her head up against my hands resulting in one out of every three words needing to be re-typed.

Some people are cat people and other people are dog people.  I understand that.  I’m a cat person.  Walt Disney was a dog person.

But Disney was in the entertainment business.  As an entertainer, he had an obligation to show cat people that our favorite animal was not the devil incarnate.  I know that dogs are man’s best friend but I’m here to tell you that cats are man’s best foot warmers.  They are also man’s best reminders-that-you-shouldn’t-have-left-that-full-glass-of-water-out-overnight.  Did Disney think of that when he decided that the kids in Peter Pan should be cared for by a big dog?

No, of course not!  He maliciously ignored cat people.  All the time!

Does Cinderella have a cat?  Oh yes she does.  What is the cat’s name?


Of, if you prefer, Rucifie.

The Cheshire Cat isn’t evil per se.  He’s just a dick.  And he scares the crap out of that poor door mouse.  Doesn’t the door mouse have enough problems because tea gets him drunk? Lay off, man!

I don’t think there is a cat or dog in Sleeping Beauty, Disney is off the hook there.  Most of the classic Disney princesses were far too preoccupied with birds to bother with cats or dogs.  I presume it was because bird poop was thought to be good for the complexion or something.

However, the most damning evidence of Walt Disney’s war on cat people is The Aristocats.

An entire movie where cats are the protagonists?  What’s the problem with that one?

Have you seen it?  It’s bloody awful.

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3 responses to “Alphabetical Movie – Lady and the Tramp”

  1. Lollygirlie1 says :

    Jasmine had a pet tiger in Aladdin…

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      Yes, but that is not a “classic” Disney title. Walt didn’t have anything to do with “Aladdin.”

  2. markb4 says :

    Amusing post, I quite liked it! I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney!

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