Geeks Without God Cover the Oscars!

Geeks Without GodAnother week, another podcast!  I was pretty excited to record this week’s episode because we were doing a geeky boner episode and I had a pretty big one.  Heh heh.  Yes, I know I can be pretty immature somethimes.

This week, I got to talk Oscars!  Yes, I know they are kind of ridiculous and they always seem to be voting for movies that a different generation enjoys and the film that wins the Best Picture Oscar is rarely one of the top five films that came out in a particular year.

But I geek out over them anyway.  And Molly and Nick were very patient with me.  They allowed me to geek out about them for a very long time.  So thanks, Nick and Molly!

You can listen for yourself and decide if they should have shut me up sooner!

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