Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/8

Catholic Girls Take a no Profanity pledge but Catholic Boys Don’t

Apparently use of profanity is “unladylike” but it is totally “manlike.”

I can actually support the idea of using more civil language in school but not because a civil tongue is a function of gender identity.  I’m  (obviously) not opposed to swearing but keeping foul language out of discourse in school can, I think, make it easier to learn.

In this case, though, what the young ladies are learning is that they are expected to be proper young ladies while the boys can be vulgar and nasty and, basically, act like assholes.  That’s OK, you see, because they are boys.

Can the girls do this or is it also unladylike?

Well I cry bullshit (I can say that because I’m a guy).  If you want civil discourse in school, you can’t exclude the boys from the conversation.  When you do, you are making it very clear that the young men at that school are simultaneously better than the young women because they can say whatever they want and worse because they can’t be counted on to control themselves.

In other words, swear up a fucking storm, guys!  God says it’s OK!!!!

Dog was Nearly euthanized Because His Owner Thought he Was Gay

Once again I say to anyone engaging in hate speech towards homosexuals, your words do have an impact.  In this case, someone saw his dog mounting a male dog and gave the dog up to the pound because he didn’t want a “gay” animal.

If you don’t believe that it was the hateful words of the anti-homosexual crowd that convinced this loser there was something “wrong” with his pet, you don’t understand people very well.

There are few things that fill me with anger like going to the Humane Society and seeing the reasons people surrender pets.  While there are a few that make sense (didn’t get along with other pets in the house), there are dozens of others that are simply selfish.  If, for instance, you didn’t know dogs were so much work, perhaps you should have figured that out before you brought the animal home!

Every cat in my house right now was a surrendered animal.  I love them all and the only way I would have given them up is if I had a child who was allergic to them (another good excuse to surrender an animal).

Surrendering a dog because you think it is gay is the biggest bullshit excuse of all.  It means you know nothing about dogs and you are allowing homophobia to result in the possible death of an animal who did nothing wrong.

The worst part is that the asshole who gave up his dog probably got another one because he fails to realize that in giving up one dog to a possible death sentence, he should have been told he surrendered his right to ever own another one.

God Once Again Gets Credit for the Super Bowl

Ray Lewis, who is a very vocal Christian, was asked how he felt after the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl in what is most likely his final game as a Professional Football player.  His answer was something close to “when god is with you, no one can be against you.”

Unless, of course, Lewis is talking about the players on the other team.  They seemed pretty dead set on beating Mr. Lewis.

I mean, they failed.  But was that really god’s doing?

Maybe it was GOD who convinced this ref he shouldn’t eject the player shoving him!

I mean, Mr. Lewis wears his faith on his sleeve and I guess that’s fine.  I still don’t understand why God gives a fuck who wins the Super Bowl.  There are plenty of devout Christians on the 49ers team, I expect.  Why didn’t god win the game for them?

But let’s be clear, Ray.  Lots of people are against you.  There are thousands of fans who still think of you as a murderer.  I think that they weren’t there and they should stop making assumptions that “person of interest” is the equivalent of “murderer.”  Still, they aren’t really on your side now, are they?

Let’s all stop crediting god for our Super Bowl victories, shall we?

Bill O’Reilly Speaks for the Babies

I love it when people presume to speak for things that don’t have the ability to speak for themselves.  Bill O’Reilly does it a lot.  In this case, he is speaking for the unborn babies of America.

He might be speaking for unborn babies from other countries too.  But I doubt it.  Because I don’t think O’Reilly gives a rip about anybody else’s babies.  Just America’s.

And O’Reilly thinks our babies don’t like pro-choice advocates.

Now, why does O’Reilly think this?  Is it because he’s connected telepathically to unborn babies?

Or is it because he’s pro-life and he’s speaking for himself?

Boy Scouts postpone Vote about Allowing Gay Members

They claim they need more time.  They’ve had a lot of time already.  The policy isn’t getting any less discriminatory.  If I were them, I would consider the quote by someone who was protesting the fact they were even considering changing the policy.  They might want to ask if they want to be on her side.

She says her church will stop sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop if the national organization decides to let troops decide for themselves whether or not they will allow gay members.

What happens when we go camping and there’s units that allow gays and homosexuals and there’s units that don’t, how are we going to keep them separated from those units and how are we going to instill in our kids Christian values and the Biblical truth if that’s allowed in our program?

Dear stupid person:  your troop already has gay kids in it!

They just aren’t telling you because you are an intolerant homophobe.

And I thought there was a “Christian Principle” about not casting the first stone.

New Book Cover for Anne of Green Gables Shows Anne as a Hot Blonde Instead of a Ten Year old Redhead

I’m pretty sure this change was made to appeal to the pedophile demographic.  They can point to this new book cover and say “see?  When I look at a ten year old girl with red hair and pigtails, what I see is a barely legal blonde with a fuck me stare – just like whoever published this book!”

Oh! The name of the book is Anne of Green Gables! I thought it was Anne has sex on Pool Tables!

That seems like the only reasonable explanation because any other explanation would be based on the assumption that whoever made the book cover never actually read the book and just snagged some clip art of a girl who looked younger than 25 and slapped it on the cover because who really gives a shit?

And that sort of thing never happens!

Asshole Decides that he’s Going to make a “Funny” Picture of Rebecca Watson

If you want to click on the link and read Rebecca’s article, you can see a badly drawn picture that someone sent her to be “funny.”

I know comedy.  What’s more, I’ve met Rebecca and believe it or not she knows comedy.  The person who sent this particular image to Rebecca has no fucking idea what consitutes comedy.

Oh sure, they laughed at their “joke.”  That, I suppose, makes it “funny.”  To that one guy.

But it isn’t funny.  It’s embarassing.  At least I hope someday this prick realizes that his behavior was embarassing because he didn’t come off as “funny” to anyone whose opinion is relevant.

Disagree with Rebbeca?  Sure!  That’s your right.  The moment you send anyone something like that, you have invalidated your argument.  You shouldn’t consider it a victory when you get blocked and ignored.  You don’t win when someone decides you aren’t worth their time.

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One response to “Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/8”

  1. David Yerle says :

    Well, now I’m pissed off too! It is really remarkable how sports people tend to pray and give thanks to God every time they score. Shouldn’t their prayers “cancel out” or something? Oh well. Fucking annoying. I swear because I’m a man and apparently God lets me.

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