Alphabetical Movie – Left Behind

Left Behind requires no suspension of disbelief because it expects that you already believe.  There can be no other explanation for the film.  If you haven’t already been brainwashed into accepting the kooky concept of rapture, this movie is not going to convince you that it is anything but kooky.

The god of the rapture is a dick.  I would enjoy having a debate with anyone who thinks otherwise and I would use this movie as an example.

Let’s look at a few examples taken right out of Left Behind, shall we?

Example #1: When the rapture takes place, God is nice enough to take all of the innocent little babies and children.  Except he doesn’t tell their parents.  So the entire world is filled with millions of freaked out parents who have no idea why the fuck their kids just disappeared.

God just figures that if these folks can’t immediately figure out that a fringe religious belief turned out to be right, they deserve to deal with the mental anguish of losing a child.

They weren’t raptured, after all, so they’re probably going to end up damned anyway.  Might as well get ’em started on misery early, right?

Example #2:  One truck driver is raptured while driving down the road and his now driverless truck crashes into a bunch of other cars, presumably killing some folks who weren’t raptured.  Being omnipotent, I would think god could rapture the guy any time he wants.  Why must everyone be raptured at the exact same moment?

God loves us so much, he’s willing to let a bunch of us die on the highway rather than wait to rapture a guy until after he parks his truck.

Example #3:  In a scene we return to several times, we see a dog, whose owner has been raptured, sitting faithfully by the owners’ clothes and waiting for his return.  The loyalty of the dog is meant to be touching and tragic.  It’s certainly tragic as that dog is going to die waiting for the return of its master without any understanding of why it has been left alone.

Because fuck dogs, I guess.

All of this stuff that god does in the name of “love” is unbelievably cruel.  It is cruelty that we, as humans, would not accept in one another.

If some tyrant decided to invade people’s homes and snatch up all of their children in the middle of the night, we wouldn’t call that love.  We’d call it a human rights violation.

We justify the disconnect between our insistence that god is “good” and the horrific things we believe he’s going to do by claiming that we can’t understand god’s plan.   The reason is simple: it isn’t god’s plan.

It’s our story of god’s plan.  And the people who wrote that story were dicks.  They were trying to convince non-believers that they were fucked for eternity  if they didn’t follow the “right path.”

And now, we continue to brainwash people into thinking that dick behavior is divine.

The Christian god (that many believe in) is petty, vindictive, homicidal, vain and completely devoid of compassion or forgiveness.  And yet his followers claim he is just the opposite.  Left Behind is not a film that should convince anyone to follow that god.  It should convince us that such a god makes no logical sense and should, therefore, be rejected.

I’ll tell you one other thing I learned from this film:  if Kirk Cameron ever claims that his acting career has been harmed by his radical Christianity, he’s wrong.  His acting career has been harmed by the fact that he isn’t a very good actor.  If he can’t be convincing in a film about something that he believes in with his heart and soul, he can’t be convincing in anything else.

What kind of god would make a guy want to be an actor and then make him so bad at it?  A dick god, that’s who.

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