KickStart Me Up

I’ve been talking up the latest Kickstarter I’ve been running and guess what?  I’m going to talk it up some more.

On April 12th, the Dregs and 4 Pints Shy will be doing a show together.  This in itself is a big deal because we haven’t really done one before.  Not like this anyway.

We’ve performed a couple of brief shows together at the festival and they were a lot of fun so the idea surfaced to do a full-scale show together and at first that was all it was going to be – a show.

Well then we got talking and as such things often happen, we experienced some scope creep.  If we were going to do a show, we figured, why not make a CD of the show?  Trying to do a studio album with 12 vocalists and musicians seemed like a ridiculous amount of work.  Why not just record a live concert?

And heck, if we’re going to make a CD, why not have someone videotape the concert so we can put together a DVD as well?  Why not indeed?

All that sounds great but it isn’t free or even cheap. After a lot of conversation, we decided to Kickstart it.  It has been just over a week and we’ve hit our initial goal of $2000.  Which is amazing.

So why am I blogging about it now?  Because making our initial goal is just the first step.  We now have lots of time to do better.

We want to make a quality DVD of the show as well.  Right now we have the money to have one or two camera people. With another $500, we can have three or four.

We want the CD to kick ass.  We have the money to make sure our equipment is top-notch and the recording quality will be as good as it can be.  With another $500 we can afford to make a 2 CD album so more of the music that we put on the stage can make it onto the CD.

Our next goal is $3000 and we have just under 20 days to make it.  And believe me, we have more things that we can stretch for if we make that goal.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to doing this show and having this CD.  This is a tremendously talented group of people we’ll have on stage at one time.

If you think it is pointless to donate now, you are wrong.  This is a great time to donate.

I keep encouraging people to donate at the $25 level and they keep giving more, which is awesome.

If you are on a budget, though, ask yourself if you are going to buy the CD.  If the answer is “yes,” then donate $25.  If we make it to $3000 (and we should), the double CD will probably price out at $20.  If you donate $25, you spend only an extra $5 over what you would have already spent and helped to finance the CD.

If you haven’t heard of The Dregs or 4 Pints Shy, ignore this post and move on to my next blog about something else.  If you have heard of either band, though, make a contribution.  Get us to $3000 so we can start talking about what our next stretch goals will be!

Please, share this blog.  Share a link to the Kickstarter.  I feel this will be one of the best shows the Dregs have ever done and I’m super thrilled that it will be on a CD.

And hey – come to the show on April 12th!  It is going to be epic!

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