Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/22

Alaska Republicans respond to a question about Gay Marriage with Laughter

While the Alaskan public is beginning to warm up to the idea of legalizing gay unions (or at least giving homosexuals protection from discrimination in the workplace), the Republican caucus in the state legislature thinks idea is pretty funny.

You know, the Republican party is still full of openly anti-gay members.  However, most of them are smart enough to avoid laughing at the idea of marriage equality on camera.  Not this crew.  They just laughed out loud because, I guess, fuck the gays.

Oh dear! I’ve laughed at the gays so much, I smeared my make-up!

I suppose when you know that you aren’t going to get the gay vote anyway, you have no reason to treat them with respect or compassion.  Better if they all just commit suicide while they are still in high school, right?

You can laugh at gay people if you want, assholes.  They aren’t going to disappear.  You managed to make them hide for a while but most of them have finally realized they are right and you are wrong.  Pretty soon they will be laughing at you.  The difference will be that you deserve it.

Woman has a Double Mastectomy, gets a Tattoo and her picture Keeps Getting Pulled from Facebook Because People Label is as Offensive

Just take a look at this and tell me if you’d have a problem with your kids seeing it.

OH MY GOD!!!! It is a bare chest without breasts or nipples! So offensive!

Folks saw this on Facebook and freaked out because it is the bare chest of a woman! On Facebook!  Just out in the open!  I mean, you can’t see anything but SHE ISN’T WEARING A SHIRT!!!

I could ask why these particular people are even on Facebook.  I would think that the large number of naked cat pictures (well – naked except for a piece of bread*) and quotes by atheists would be dangerous enough for their children.

Instead, they could have tried being impressed that this woman took one of the lowest moments of her life and turned it into something beautiful.

*What the actual fuck is up with that?

Update: The picture was reinstated but that doesn’t change the fact that a bunch of prudish assholes were complaining about it.

Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Make it a Felony to Introduce Anti-Gun Legislation

So instead of just assuming that the legislative process will work, this guy wants to put any lawmaker who introduced anti-gun legislation in jail.  While it may seem pointless to rant against a measure that will most likely never pass and most certainly could never survive a court challenge, I want to know what kind of idiots we are electing?

As they say in A Fish Called Wanda, calling this guy stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

He says he filed it as a matter of principle.  What principle?  That he was elected so he could waste time?  That the second amendment is more important than the rest of the constitution? That sending fellow legislators to jail makes more sense than putting together a cogent argument against their point of view?

Not that I’d say any of this to the guy’s face.  He’d probably shoot me. He also wouldn’t know what I meant by “cogent.”

Cardinal is Full of Forgiveness for the People who are Angry at Him

Please note, people are angry at the guy because he covered up pedophile priests, moved them to new parishes and allowed them to abuse again.  As a result, they are saying some pretty awful things about him.

They say, for instance, that without his aid, these priests would not have been able to continue sexually abusing children.  That’s some terrible stuff.  Good thing the Cardinal forgives them for saying that.

I forgive you for holding me responsible for something I did wrong…Fist bump?*

Those who support the Cardinal seem to think that the past is done with and we should all forget it and move on.  The Cardinal has forgotten it by spending his time magnanimously forgiving those of us who think he ought to stand up and admit what he did something wrong.  How interesting that he seems to think everyone else is in need of forgiveness but he is not.

*Note: this is not the cardinal in question.  I couldn’t resist the picture.

Pastor Steven Anderson Has Some Advice For the Ladies (I don’t think the Ladies will Like it)

The video I link to here is a reaction to Anderson’s recent sermon about how women should live as Christians.  News flash: it doesn’t involve going to work.  Or watching TV.  Or thinking.

You can go find the original sermon if you want but I wouldn’t bother.  It is an hour-long and filled with mindless members of his congregation voicing their agreement.  You’ll just feel yourself losing control and eventually you’ll want to do something destructive.  Like punch your computer screen.  Those things are fragile.  Trust me on this.

When the guy says that Satan is running the public school system, he manages to prove beyond any doubt that he has lost touch with reality.  I wish that it was funny.  It should be funny.  Creating a pyramid with your hands that shows Satan at the top of the public school system and then little devils underneath him seems like it ought to be funny.

But keep in mind this guy has a wife who is not permitted to own a TV.  She is expected to cook him “three great meals” every day.  She is not expected to learn anything but what is in the bible.  And based on what I’ve seen, her husband is probably gay.

That isn’t an insult.  Look at the guy! He sets off the gaydar something fierce, doesn’t he?

I’m going to say this to all the ladies in my life.  I love the fact that you are intelligent and opinionated and funny.  If this guy is really describing the kind of woman god expects you to be then please, ignore god and be who you want to be.  Because god is a dick.

Also, as a personal aside, how the fuck did this guy get to be a preacher?  He is the worst fucking public speaker on Earth.  His command of the English language is right up there with the billions of people who don’t speak English.  It’s like they held an audition for a preacher and the only requirement was that you needed to be a big enough asshole.

With Gay Marriage on Track to Become Legal in Minnesota, Anti-Gay Marriage Forces Remind Minnesotans that God is Against Gay Marriage.  Gay marriage gay marriage gay marriage!  AAAAAAA!

Republican State Senator Brandon Peterson made a mistake when he came out in support of same-sex marriage this week.  His own party is turning against him.

By “mistake,” I mean “had the guts to stand up against bigotry in his own party and good for him.”

Those opposing marriage equality are desperately seeking funds by reminding conservative voters that GOD defined marriage one way (no – he actually didn’t) and the Minnesota State Legislature is about to do something that is totally against GOD (how the fuck do they know).  They even include a picture of two men kissing to make folks open their pocketbooks out of the fear this could happen – like – anywhere!

I’d like to say this is the dying gasp of a broken opposition but in fact, it is even more foolish.  They are attempting to mobilize their base to get a conservative majority in the State of Minnesota (their letterhead is pretty clear about that) but they are using an issue they have already lost.

If they doubt it, they don’t have to look any further than last November.  No matter how many battles they win from here on out, they will eventually lose the war.

What they are doing is driving a wedge between themselves and the independent voters who might be on their side were they not so fucking homophobic.

Way to completely fail to accomplish your objective, guys!  Keep it up!

Indiana Wants to Require Women to get a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound Twice in order to take an Abortion Pill

I just don’t get how the life of a theoretical multi-celled organism (theoretical because when this pill is taken the mother may not know if she is pregnant yet) is so sacred that you need to require a medical procedure that may well fit the definition of rape.  Twice.  

For some reason, women who wish to use an abortion pill one week after possible conception would need to get an ultrasound before and after they took the pill.  Given there is no medical reason to undergo this procedure, the only possible explanation for the language in the bill is to ensure that the whole experience is as unpleasant as possible.

Now open your vagina and say ahhhhh!

The goal isn’t just to find ways to make abortion illegal.  The goal is to punish women who want them.  Because that’s the way you cut down on abortions.  You make the concept of abortion so unpleasant, women would rather risk getting on in an alley than going to a clinic.

Wait…that doesn’t cut down on abortions at all!  It just increases the number of women who die getting an abortion!


In North Carolina, Ladies May soon Face Fine or Imprisonment for Exposing their Breasts in Public

It is already a crime to expose your breasts in North Carolina.  But the concerned lawmakers of that state feel that the law doesn’t have enough teeth.  They want to make sure the ladies know that they need to be modest at all times.

If they expose their breasts in public with the intent to cause sexual arousal, they could face up to six months in jail where, I imagine, they will be able to expose themselves to prison guards and fellow inmates in public showers on a daily basis without fear of further prosecution.  It almost sounds like they would be doing these ladies a favor!

I’m not saying that folks should go exposing themselves willy nilly (actually there’s nothing about willies in the bill) but is there anyone else who thinks that putting women in jail for taking off their shirts is pretty extreme?

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3 responses to “Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/22”

  1. aaron says :

    I have friends who are models for full body painting and the pictures are continuously being taken down as inappropriate even though like the mastectomy tat pic there is totally nothing naked about it and you can’t even see a nipple.

  2. danielwalldammit says :

    Damned good reasons to be angry, I must say.

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