Shit that Pissed me Off This Week 4/19

Eric Rush Engages in Classic Overreaction and States we Should Kill all Muslims

I’ve come out as being pretty uniformly against organized religion.  I thikn it is a tool by which people push their own agenda onto others rather than a pathway to god (if there is one).

That is not the same thing as stating that everyone who adheres to a religion should be killed.  Because that, my friends, is crazy talk.  That is the sort of thing bigoted, ignorant people say.

Bigoted, ignorant people like this guy!

We don’t know yet if this bombing was the work of a Muslim extremist (Glenn Beck does) but even if it was, killing all Muslims is not a viable or reasonable solution.  It is, in fact, far crazier than the act that just took place.

When you blame millions of people for the act of one, your priorities are seriously messed up.

Note:  Reports this morning indicate the suspects were from Chechnya, which is predominantly Muslim.  Preliminary evidence suggests they are Muslims.  It still means millions of other Muslims had nothing to do with it.

On the Other Hand, Look How Many People just Blame “The Godless”

Because, you know, the only person who would do something like this is someone who lacks the moral compass provided by god.

The same moral compass that the 9/11 hijackers lacked.


Conspiracy Theories Already?

Holy fuck the nutbags are fast!  The rubble hadn’t completely fallen to the ground before people decided that the bombing in Boston was the work of the government in order to…I don’t know.  Pass laws outlawing marathons maybe?

Here’s the problem with every government conspiracy theory ever:  they all make the presumption that the government is far more capable than it actually is.

Consider the sequester.  Congress passed a law meant to ensure they would hunker down and solve their budgets differences because the sequester would be worse.  Then they didn’t.  And now the sequester is happening.  Because their brillaint plan didn’t work for shit.

When the government tries to do something elabroate and stupid, they fail. Because elaborately stupid stuff tends to fail.

I realize that is a ridiculous example but conspiracy theories in response to tragedy are equally ridiculous.  Unfortunately, they are also cruel.  Because they treat the victims of a crime as if they are, somehow the perpetrators of some greater crime. A crime that is complete bullshit.

I’ll never understand why people look at an unspeakable act and decide that they only way to make any sense out of it is to make it worse. And stupid.

Rick Santorum Says Gay Marriage Will Result in Fewer Children

In all seriousness, why do people keep putting microphones in front of this guy?

I’m starting to think that Santorum is actually pro marriage equality.  Hear me out on this one.

See, the stuff he says is so batshit insane, it makes people who agree with him kind of worried.  Are they just as crazy as he is?  If they are, then they are as delusional as he is.  If they are delusional, it stands to reason that they are wrong on the subject of gay marriage and, therfore, they should change their minds.

It’s kind of elegant when you think about it.

Years from now, there might be a wall of honor for people who worked the hardest for marriage equality in this country.  That wall will include dozens of stars for the covert agents who secretly worked to support the cause.

One of those stars just might be for Rick Santorum.

And if it is, I’ll be really sorry I disliked him so much.  But that was the sacrifice he made.  And he made it freely.

God bless America!

High School Student Lodges a Complaint about a Christian Speaker at her School so her Principal Threatens her

Students were forced to listen to a fundamentalist screed about sexuality and promiscuity  in a public high school and one young woman wasn’t particularly pleased.  So she did exactly what she should have done, she started publicizing what happened.

Her principal, the fine understanding man that he is, called her into his office and told her that she’d better cut it out or he’ll tell her future college what a troublemaker she is.  Or, in other words, “shut up or I’ll lie in an attempt to ruin your life.”

You don’t get to have an opinion, missy, until it is the same one as mine!

Now we all know what will happen next, right?

No, the principal will not be fired.

This young woman, however, will probably spend the rest of her time in high school dealing with name calling, harassment and death threats.  Because that’s what good Christians do, right?

Senate Doesn’t Vote on Gun Control Because…?

Because Filibuster, that’s why.  I’m sick and fucking tired of senators refusing to vote on something.

You don’t want gun control to pass?  Let it go to a full vote and vote against it!

But you don’t want to do that, do you?  Because you know that 90% of Americans (but only 55% of Senators) are supportive of stricter background checks and you’d look like an ass if you were actually on record voting against it.

So what do you do?

You filibuster.

Except you don’t actually filibuster.  The rules allow that you can just filibuster by sort of threatening you are going to filibuster.

It’s like my kids threatening to complain about their food if they don’t like it and I decide I don’t want to hear them complain so I just make the macaroni and cheese.  Again.

Except US Senators are (theoretically) grown-ups.

I say screw that.  If they want to filibuster, make them filibuster.  If they want to talk for two weeks instead of voting on something, let ’em talk.  Let the public see them obstinately refusing to vote.

Sure, forcing the opposing party to actually stand up and be accountable for their point of view could come back and bite the other side in the ass when it is their turn to be in the minority.

And you know what? It should!  Vote your conscience (if you have one) or get the fuck out of the Senate.

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2 responses to “Shit that Pissed me Off This Week 4/19”

  1. iamliquidlove says :

    I’ve always wanted to ask this question and I guess you get to be the lucky receiver. How hard would it be to petition for congress to only get paid when they do their jobs? They get assigned due dates and if they don’t produce results by the apprpriate date then they are held accountable by not receiving a 6 figure paycheck. I mean it makes sense in my mind. Those are the standards the my job holds me to, why is congress exempt?

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      I think it’d be pretty hard given that they would be the ones voting on their own pay criteria. If they didn’t meet those criteria, they could just vote to change the criteria or move forward the due date.

      I’d love to hold congress more acountable but I can’t see how this idea would ever fly as long as congress controls it’s own pay.

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