Geeks Without God, UNCENCORED!

Geeks Without GodThis week features the second episode we were able to record at Skep-Tech this year.  We sat down with Zach Weinersmith from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and we talked about censorship. Zach gave a talk about censorship at the conference and his talk served as the springboard for a lot of conversation about when (if ever) censorship might be a good thing.

We were able to record in front of a live audience, which is, for me at least, my favorite way to record the podcast.  We managed to get much better sound quality for this one versus our last Skep-Tech panel although I really need to work on getting some better equipment for panels like this.  Perhaps there is a rich atheist out here just itching to give a group of godless geeky comedians a thousand dollars for some ace equipment.

But I digress.  Zach was a really great guest and I’m very happy with the episode.  Make sure you listen to our five questions because we get to work on unlocking the gay agenda!  Enjoy!

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