Shit that Pissed Me off – 4/26

Arkansas State Senator Nate Bell is a Douche

He decided to take a tense situation and make it all about gunz.  As Bostonians were awaiting the results of a manhunt for a killer, he was wondering how many of them wished they had a semi-automatic weapon.

Ha ha!

I’m going to attempt some mind reading to suggest that the number he was looking for was damn near zero.

There were armed police everywhere.  A bunch of civilians with machine guns weren’t going to make the situation any safer.  In fact, the odds of an innocent bystander getting shot would have skyrocketed.

Maybe this was the gun they were wishing for.

Nate Bell loves his gunz.  He loves them so much that he makes a fallacious assumption that people who don’t love gunz will automatically change their mind in a situation where a gun might have come in handy (although there is no proof that is the case.)  He’s got that one wrong.

As with most things, the people on both sides of the issue have equally strong justifications for their choices and one fugitive is unlikely to change someone’s mind about how many guns they would like to have in their home.

The Internet Goes after a Kid who has Nothing to do with the Boston Bombing

I’ve got an idea! Immediately following what appears to be a terrorist attack, why not just circulate picture of any random Muslim kid?  That’ll bring someone to justice!

Or, you know, get another innocent person killed.  Same difference.  As long as it’s a Muslim kid, it’s OK right?

They didn’t just go after this kid, of course, they went after other kids as well.  If you were young and Muslim and lived anywhere near Boston, you had the opportunity to be accused of being the Boston Marathon bomber on the internet.

The internet likes to believe it knows everything.  The facts would suggest that the internet is filled with as much bad information as the people who use it.  Shocking, that.

This Week’s Meme that Pissed Me off

This one has over 80,000 shares!  Wow! You’d think it had something more useful to say.


Whoa!  All those America haters got told, didn’t they?  Just get the fuck out haters!

But wait…what percentage of like vs. dislike is OK?  I like a lot of things about America but not everything.  I’m going to guess I’m about 60/40 like vs. dislike.  Most days anyway.  Is that OK?  I mean as long as I’m above 50% can I stay?

During the Bush, Jr. years, I was more 40/60.  Should I have left then?  Was it OK for me to come back once he left office?

Maybe the smug pricks sharing this would do best to remember that we have a right to be unhappy with some (or even all) of the things going on in this country and that is in fact one of the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution.  So rather than telling us to leave America, they should.

Because if they hate the Constitution so much that they can’t live with other people exercising their constitutional rights, they are the ones who might be happier somewhere else.

Misogynist Christian Pastor Thinks He Understands Feminists Pretty Well

Pastor Steven Anderson is an insufferable asshole.  While I’m sure he uses the bible to hate on gays and atheists and probably puppies, he frequently seems laser focused on how women need to serve their man.

And need is the operative word here because, ladies, god made you to be subservient.  If you aren’t being subservient, you are probably miserable as a result because you are resisting god’s glorious plan!

He even says that, deep down, feminists just need a man to put them in their place.

Apparently, in the bizarre world of Paster Anderson, every woman is a Stepford Wife.  Some of them just don’t know it yet.

New Mexico Republican Calls 19 Year-Old Labor Advocate a “Radical Bitch”

Yes, I know this is just some obscure guy on the radical fringe of a party with whom I frequently disagree.  I should not view his entire party through the lens of this jackass.

And I don’t.

I’m just going to judge this guy, OK?  And I ‘m going to suggest that a reasonable discourse on the issues doesn’t start with demeaning comments specifically tied to the gender of the person with whom you disagree.

They also don’t start with assumptions about her footwear.  Especially since he probably hasn’t the slightest idea how much her shoes cost.  He clearly figures that anyone advocating an increase in minimum wage should either be barefoot or shut up.

Without looking it up, how much do these shoes cost? Could a woman making minimum wage afford them?

At least the guy thought she was “hot,” though.  She may be dead wrong about raising the minimum wage but he’s still sleep with her.  She ought to feel good about that!  He seems like quite the catch!

“Cups” by Anna Kendrick

Actually, I like the song.  I have a few problems with it, though.

1)  The god damned song gets stuck in my head and it is on the heaviest of heavy airplay right now.  The moment I finally start thinking about another song, they play it again.  Seriously, don’t watch the video in this post.  You’ll regret it if you do.

2)  Anna Kendrick just pisses me off in general.  She’s a very good actress, she’s cute and it turns out she can sing as well.  I knew people like her in high school and they annoyed me because they were also so nice, you couldn’t hate them.  I’ll bet she’s a real sweetheart.  Fuck her.

3)  What the fuck is with the name of the song?  It’s a cover of a song called “When I’m gone,” which seems like a pretty decent name.  Why not go with that one? Yeah I get it’s because she did the cup thing in Pitch Perfect but isn’t that aiming for a pretty narrow demographic?  “Hey, fraction of the population that saw Pitch Perfect!  Remember that song Anna Kendrick sang with the cup that one time?  This is that song!”

4)  What’s up with the lyrics “you’re gonna to miss me by my hair, you’re gonna miss me everywhere?”  Was the person who wrote this song incapable of using a rhyming dictionary to find a better rhyme for “everywhere?”

5)  Did I mention I can’t get this freaking song out of my head?

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2 responses to “Shit that Pissed Me off – 4/26”

  1. Michael Zalar says :

    What really bothered me was the “If you don’t like America, just get out” – it long an clunky. There is a perfectly wonderful phrase that got to the point in a much more elegant way… “America, Love it or Leave it.” Much better by far.

  2. jayleemarie says :

    Part of me is hoping that the 80,000 shares that image got were from 80,000 native americans.

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