Geeks Without God Plays a Lame-ass Game!

Geeks Without GodSo we had this great idea for a podcast.  We figured we’d get Brianne Bilyeu, Stephanie Zvan and Jason Thiebault, all former guests of our show (and bloggers on FreeThought Blogs), on the podcast again.  We’d have all of them play “Left Behind: The Board Game” with us while consuming Moonshine soaked cherries and it would be a hoot!

We didn’t count on one of the worst designed games ever devised. The board game is not merely a horrible fundamentalist screed.  It is a horrible board game. We tried mightily to make the podcast interesting and I don’t know if we succeeded or not.

Just in case we didn’t, though, we came up with a solution.  A drinking game!

So go to the website, play the podcast and follow the rules written there.  It won’t make the game any better but it will probably seem a lot better.

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