Geeks Without God Talks Politics

Geeks Without GodWhat a week it has been.  When we sat down to record our podcast last week, same-sex marriage was not legal in Minnesota.  Today, Governor Dayton signs that bill into law.

Eric Jacobson bid a tidy sum of money at the Fearless launch party for the right to join us this week.  He wanted to talk about atheists in politics so that’s exactly what we discussed.  Of course we talked about the upcoming votes in the Minnesota House and Senate and perhaps you will enjoy reaching back into history to hear our thoughts about the legislation and the chances for success.

The central question for anyone who is living a godless life is how do we have more impact on the political process as atheists?  We didn’t answer that question in the podcast but we hope that by talking about politics, we can convince other godless folk to get involved in politics.

Eric also provides a stunning level of detail about his sandwich.  Click here and enjoy!!

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