Alphabetical Movie – The Long Kiss Goodnight

I’m pretty far behind on Alphabetical movie blogging and I blame this film.

See, I just don’t know what to write about this movie.  Every time I sit down to write about the movie, I can’t figure out what angle I want to take.

The Alphabetical movie blog is all about angles.  Make no mistake, it is not about the movies themselves.  There have been hundreds of thousands of words written about most of these movies so I don’t feel as if I can add anything particularly insightful.

Instead, I like to write about how the movie makes me feel.  Or what the movie makes me think about.

You’d think I could do that with just about any movie.  Yet somehow, this movie has resulted in a void.  I’m blocked.

So I’ll write about writer’s block!

They say the best thing to do when you have writer’s block is to write.  Just write anything.  You can toss it out later if you think it is absolute garbage but at least you put something on the page.  Eventually, you will put something on the page that you actually like.

I’m not sure I’ve reached that point yet.  I’m going to keep writing, though, because if I can get past this movie, I get to some movies for which I have actual ideas.

This entire entry is kind of a cop out, isn’t it?

I should say something about the film.

All right!  I think the movie is really just kind of OK.  I feel badly because it makes me seem like a bad geek and that might be why I’ve had so much trouble writing about it.  Most of my geek friends love this movie and I always come away thinking it was fine without being particularly impressed.

But writing about how you think a film that is popular with fans is just kind of bland isn’t all that interesting.  Saying you hate a movie is interesting.  Saying you love a movie is interesting.

Saying you-just-don’t-totally-get-what-the-big-deal-is-even-though-you-don’t-hate-the-movie-or-anything isn’t all that interesting.  The whole point of this exercise is to try to say something interesting inspired by the movie.

And try as I might, I’ve not been able to figure out that interesting angle.  So I’ve been parked on this movie for over a month.  In the meantime, I’ve been plowing ahead watching movies and slowly watching the gap between the movie I’m watching and the movie I’m writing about growing ever wider.

Well no longer!  I’m just hammering this one out in a stream of consciousness rant about the fact that I can’t manage to hammer anything out.  Is this entry interesting?

No.  It’s pretty idiotic.  And embarrassingly meta. But in a very short period of time, it will be done.

And in the words of one of my favorite college professors:  Done is beautiful.

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