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I’ve got to apologize to myself for failing to do a good job of promoting my Fringe shows this year.  With the Fringe just one week away, it is probably time for me to go into full “see my show” mode.

I’ve got two shows in the Fringe this year and I’m really looking forward to both of them.

Back in February, I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was going to do for the Fringe.  Not a big deal, I thought, the lottery hasn’t happened yet!

Well then it did happen.  And one of the numbers to which I was attached was drawn.  Suddenly, I had to come up with an idea.

My idea was “Schrödinger’s Apocalypse.”

Hey look! Three people reading a book!

The basic pitch for this show is simple.  Three years ago, there was a zombie apocalypse.  Our three protagonists are surviving in a bunker but they have no way of learning what is taking place outside.  The apocalypse could be over or it could still be going on.  They have no way of knowing unless they leave.

And while they may not be sure of what will happen when they leave the bunker, they are sure of one thing: they are really tired of each other.

From that idea, I wrote a show that is about fear, death, nuclear reactors and Call of Duty.

My friend John Newstrom, who directed “The Complete Works of William Shatner (Abridged)” and co-wrote “Highlander: The Musical,” directed the show.  Both John and the cast are from St. Cloud and that means I haven’t seen a single rehearsal.

So the first time I see the show, it will be opening night.

I’m happy with my writing and I know that John can direct a good show.  It’s strange to have gone so long from writing to seeing the show being staged, though.  I’m a little disappointed that the show hasn’t generated a lot of advance buzz but with 176 shows and a lot of talented producers, people can’t notice everything.

Make no mistake, I feel good about this show.  I’m really happy with the concept and I think I managed to write a show that might be a little deeper than what I’ve written in the past.

My other show is not even the least bit deep.

My band, The Dregs, will be performing “A Brief History of Irish Music” and it will be about as messed up as one might expect from our band.  Barely contained lunacy might be the best description.

Oh look! Three people and a book. I swear this was not planned.

The show is equal parts music and brief comedy sketches about the music.  While the title might imply that there is some sort of educational slant to the show, that’s completely false.  If you are looking for the actual origins of Irish music, you will find no such information here.

Instead, you will find a little bit of Dr. Seuss, a little bit of Mary Poppins, a little bit of inappropriate humor, a whole lot of swearing and we’ll even be throwing in a song or two.

Our preview at the Fringe For All is a good example of the comedy.  Not so much the music.

I promise there will be music in the actual show.

Lots of music.

So where are these shows taking place, you ask?

Well both of them are at the New Century Theater in downtown Minneapolis!

Shrodinger’s Apocalypse is on August 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th & 11th.

A Brief History of Irish Music is on August 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th.

Please be a nice person and come to my shows!  You won’t regret it!

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