Shit that Pissed me Off – 7/26

Pastor Says that He’s Never met Anyone who Didn’t Regret Having Sex Before Marriage

I must assume, then, that he’s met very few people who have had sex before marriage.

I need to meet this guy because then he will have met one person who is completely happy with the decision to have sex before marriage.  Then I’ll introduce him to a whole lot of other people.  Many of whom are Christians.

See, I’m used to self-righteous idiots like this talking out of their asses.  But why say something so easy to refute?  Especially because the guy has to realize that what he is saying is bullshit, doesn’t he?  How can you not realize that what you are saying is bullshit when you say something so incredibly stupid?

I’m betting a million dollars that this dude has never regretted having sex outside of marriage.

In fact, when presented with evidence that what he said was bullshit, he turned off the comments on his post and deleted all of the comments that disproved his statement.  Because when faced with evidence that you put your foot in your mouth, the best thing you can possibly do is destroy the evidence.  And this jerk would probably want to ask me where I get a moral compass without god.

Seems like god hasn’t done him any favors in that department.

Norwegian Woman Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison in Dubai Because she was Raped

What a great public policy they have in Dubai to ensure that women never go there for vacation!  If a woman is raped and makes the mistake of reporting that rape to authorities, she’ll be arrested for adultery!  And making a false accusation!  Because every time a woman has sex in Dubai, it is, apparently, consensual.

Now let’s be fair, they did pardon her.

They pardoned her for being raped.  You know that isn’t usually something you need to get pardoned for since being raped isn’t a crime in a lot of places.  That’s why we call people who are raped rape victims.

Here’s the problem when you get your religion into your government.  You start blaming victims of a crime because your religion tells you something idiotic.

Like rape is the fault of the victim.  That’s pretty idiotic, don’t you think?

P.S: They also pardoned the dude who raped her.  He’d been sentenced to less time than her.  And so the idiocy goes.

14 Year Old Girl Holds up a Sign and gets Called a Whore on the Internet

Dear internet: what the fuck is wrong with you?

I mean all of you.  Every last one of you.  Me too.

If you don’t agree with a 14-year-old girl speaking her mind in the abortion debate, how about you disagree with her like a nice person instead of a sociopath?  She’s 14 and somehow the fact that she believes she should have a legal right to choose means that it is OK to call her a whore???

What is even more amazing is that these people are self identifying as Christians before they call her a whore.

I think we’re all just pissed because she comes up with better signs than the rest of us.

The story I linked to is written by that young woman and let’s be clear – she is far more mature than the people who are calling her names.  That is to be admired.

So when I’m talking to the internet, I guess I’m not talking about her.

The rest of us, though.  We all suck.

A Couple of Guys give Each Other Mayonnaise Enemas as part of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

I’m a performer so the fact these guys did someone weird on stage doesn’t bother me.  It sounds like a show I wouldn’t go see in a million years because this sort of performance piece just bores the crap out of me.

What annoys me is the artist’s commentary that the show is meant to challenge people.

You think?

If you are going to give each other enemas with condiments, the odds are pretty good that you are trying to challenge people.  That shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone.  In mainstream, unchallenging theater, most of the enemas are given with distilled water.

But let’s not kid ourselves. The other reason they are doing this is to get people to talk about their show.  How many folks are going to see the next show just because they want to see if the condiment abuse will be repeated?  A lot more than would have gone otherwise.  Well done guys.  You just upped your ticket sales.  That’s the name of the game.

As a performer, pretentious excuses also piss me off.  “The show is meant to challenge the audience” feels like code for “you probably won’t get it.”

I’m of a mind that an artist should actually want their audience to get it.  If you have something to say, wouldn’t it be better if the audience was given the opportunity to listen?

Ohio Bank Accidentally Foreclosed on the Wrong House

Everyone makes mistakes, right?

So when a bank sent a repo agent to the wrong house and he took all of her belongings while she was out-of-town, it’s just a little misunderstanding, right?

Didn’t they give the agent a picture of the house?

OK.  Whatever. They were stupid.  Best thing to do now would be to give the lady the 18,000 she needs to replace all the stuff they threw away, right?

Nope.  They say they are “negotiating” with her.  Apparently, they don’t want to pay replacement value on 10-year-old furniture.

Especially when she could pick up a ten year old couch for free any time she wants!

Well guess what, stupid bank?  She wouldn’t have to replace that 10 year old couch if it weren’t for you.  And she needs a new one because the old one is gone.  Who took the old one, you ask? YOU DID!!!

So why don’t you just suck it up and pay for the new couch?  I guarantee the army of lawyers that called this lady after this story broke have all told her that she could get a lot more from you if she sued.  Are you really going to go to court over the replacement value of a couch?

House of Representatives Approves an Ammendment to a Bill that Bans Non Religious Chaplains in the Military

A little over a month ago, an amendment was introduced that would allow non-religious chaplains in the military.  That was rejected and Rep Mike Conway from Texas even went so far as to suggest that atheist Chaplains would tell grieving relatives of fallen soldiers that their loved ones were “worm food.”  Because atheists are devoid of compassion or concern for their fellow man.

So upset were Conway and his buddies, they decided that rather than allow the non-religious Chaplains, they wanted to ban them.  Because freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion, I guess.

It’s a dick move and one that didn’t need to be made.  Why offer such an amendment unless you are being a jackass?  There are no such Chaplains now so the only thing they did was make sure there couldn’t be any in the future.  Until the ban is lifted.  Which will probably happen in about 200 years when politicians realize that they’d been dicks.

It shows a scary level of paranoia and distrust.  It also denies the basic human rights of those who do not believe as they do.

I guess I should have expected no less.

Monopoly is the Second Greatest Board Game of All Time?

I just linked to one of those random lists you find Facebook.  In this case, it was a list of the “greatest board games of all time” with a question about how many you’ve actually played.

OK.  I play a lot of board games.  I’ll bite.

And then I see that Monopoly is #2 and I ask myself, who in an online community would vote for that game?  I have three copies of Monopoly in my house and I don’t play the game because it takes too long and it is boring!  I go to a weekend long convention twice a year during which everyone is playing board games.  You know what game they aren’t playing?


Dr. Who Monopoly is still just Monopoly!

And don’t even get me started on the fact that Uno is #8.  Uno is a card game!

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2 responses to “Shit that Pissed me Off – 7/26”

  1. Hans Melby says :

    With regard to the Norwegian Rape victims assailant: Because she was pardoned by Royal Decree, the underlying crime ceased to exist. As such he was set free.

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      I appreciate the clarification. You are, however, not arguing that exonerating a rapist because they were forced to exonerate his victim makes any kind of logical sense, are you?

      I mean, it’s still pretty fucked up.

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